Zixi in Collaboration with Amazon Web Services

Dynamically scale video operations with real-time global visibility

AWS and Zixi are Redefining Premium Video Delivery

AWS and Zixi are tightly aligned to deliver dynamically scalable live video across the AWS Cloud backbone. The Zixi Software Defined Video Platform (SDVP) is at the heart of AWS Media Services, enabling media organizations the agility, reliability, security and quality needed in today’s complex video production and delivery environment.

Zixi on AWS Marketplace

Zixi ZEN Master and Zixi Broadcaster are available on the AWS Marketplace, through public and private sales directly with Zixi. Purchasing Zixi through the AWS Marketplace counts against AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) commitments, supporting cost efficiencies, streamlining budgets and simplify procurement when provisioning Zixi’s market leading live video solutions for AWS. Zixi supports private offers in AWS Marketplace, ensuring that customers retain a direct vendor relationship with Zixi and can receive negotiated rates based on their commit levels and use cases.

ZEN Master on AWS Marketplace

  • Take operational control of AWS MediaConnect flows with advanced configuration options and dashboard views
  • Manage remote AWS Elemental Link encoders within ZEN Master
  • Orchestrate and monitor AWS CDI / JPEG-XS uncompressed flows in the cloud
  • Manage AWS MediaLive channels for OTT distribution in ZEN Master
  • Complete end-to-end live video visibility with advanced analytics and real-time alerts

Zixi Broadcaster on AWS Marketplace

  • Deploy Zixi Broadcasters in AWS, enabling the most advanced live video routes from any source to any target destination, regardless of required protocol and video format
  • Support for advanced, in-flight processing including hitless failover, stream bonding and live transcoding
  • Deep inspection, including content quality analysis and real-time alerting
  • Support all common live video transport protocols, including Zixi, RIST, SRT, RTMP, HLS, WebRTC, RTP, RTP w/FEC and more…
  • Directly manage Zixi Broadcasters or centralize management in the Zixi ZEN Master control plane

To get started today, simply contact Zixi and we will work with you to right size your Zixi solution to most efficiently leverage your AWS commits.

ZEN Master Integrates Across the AWS Media Services Ecosystem

AWS Elemental Link

AWS Elemental Link devices transport UHD video with pristine quality and high resiliency using the Zixi delivery protocol, which combines content-aware and network-adaptive forward error correction with error recovery, while minimizing latency.

AWS Elemental MediaConnect

Zixi provides live video route orchestration, delivery assurance, security, latency management, quality analysis and performance reporting within your AWS environment, with seamless integration between Zixi ZEN Master and AWS MediaConnect with Amazon CloudWatch alerts and analysis available inside the ZEN Master console.


Zixi ZEN Master now supports real-time monitoring of AWS Cloud Digital Interface (CDI) flows as well as JPEG-XS production contribution feeds. ZEN Master can now model a complete channel, from uncompressed domain through to audience deliverable, providing enhanced operational visibility across the live video supply chain.

AWS Elemental MediaLive

Zixi ZEN Master can create, manage and monitor AWS Elemental MediaLive streaming channels. ZEN Master channels display real-time health and performance from Elemental Link, AWS MediaConnect Flows and AWS MediaLive channels with advanced analytics and telemetry data at each point in the distribution.

Manage and Monitor AWS MediaConnect Flows at Scale

With ZEN Master, live video operations teams can directly manage and monitor AWS MediaConnect flows in purpose-built live video operations dashboards and centralized control plane.

  • Grid Views with Penalty Box continuously present operations teams with live channel flow health across any number of channels
  • Improve analysis with over 25 additional critical metrics and analytics options
  • Automatically detect incidents, pinpoint their root cause and identify impacts in customizable RCA reports
  • Measure audio and video perceptual video quality, display instrumented thumbnail previews for every managed flow and automate responses to audio/video impairments
ZEN Master for AWS MediaConnect Diagram
ZEN Master for AWS MediaConnect Diagram

Managing In-Field Media Encoders with ZEN Master

Zixi’s head of product, Tim Baldwin, describes how ZEN Master works to orchestrate, manage and operationalize AWS MediaConnect flows.

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