Zixi at NAB

Join us at one of our speaking events around the show.

Devoncroft Executive Summit

Saturday, April 15th

Zixi will be sponsoring and participating in the 2023 Devoncroft Executive Summit with many customers and partners discussing their experiences with the SDVP. Please register here
Devoncroft Executive Summit

The IP Revolution – IP Transport and Complex Cloud Workflows

NAB Connect Inspiration Theater
Tuesday, April 18th
3:30pm – 4:10pm

Joe Zaller from Devoncroft will be moderating a panel discussing the state of the industry with Zixi CEO Gordon Brooks, Evertz Senior Director Mo Goyal, Google Cloud Director of Media & Entertainment Albert Lai, CTO of Quickplay Juan Martin, and CTO of Encompass Alan Young.

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Zixi Showcase

Zixi Broadcaster v17

Zixi and AWS with ZEN Master

Partners in the
Zixi Partner Village

Zixi will be demonstrating a broad range of exciting new product updates and unparalleled live video delivery performance running over the Zixi Enabled Network, the industry’s largest ecosystem, at this year’s conference.  The Zixi Enabled Network consists of over 1000 media companies and 400 technology partners globally exchanging live video, creating powerful acceleration of new content acquisition, business models, and opportunities to reduce cost and generate revenue.

Zixi will be featuring ultra-low latency, dramatic throughput, compute and efficiency improvements that realize extraordinary cost reduction. As part of the exhibition, Zixi will be exhibiting new and existing capabilities of the SDVP, including the scale and efficiency of Zixi Broadcaster v17 with improved processing capacity:

Scale and Efficiency of Zixi Broadcaster v17:

  • Improved processing capacity requiring 60% less compute leading to cost reduction
  • Up to 3x savings in egress cost for the same stream on other platforms 
  • Support deployments on ARM based instances with significant savings on compute costs and reduced carbon footprint
  • Dramatically improved resource utilization and updated architecture yield up to 200% throughput increase to 1Gbps per core
  • 50%-75% reduction in operating cost over traditional workflows
  • ML Driven encoder rate control ensuring superior QoS and QoE 
  • Enhances traffic shaping, removal and replacement of broken frames with prior good frames

Zixi’s broad partnership with AWS will be on display including integration of the SDVP in AWS wavelength zone allowing customers to harness the power of 5G and enable widescale adoption of low latency 5G MEC architecture.  The orchestration and monitoring of AWS Elemental MediaConnect and MediaLive channels utilizing the ZEN Master control plane will be demonstrated live in both the Zixi and AWS booths at the show. ZEN Master also supports the management of JPEG XS and CDI flows and Elemental Link devices and is available in the AWS Marketplace for both public and private offer contracts. 

Additionally in ZEN Master:

  • New more intuitive warning/error escalation and alerting system​
  • Launch Zixi Broadcaster in AWS Wavelength Zone for 5G deployments​
  • Network tracking page​
  • Update AWS MediaConnect/MediaLive integration to allow one MediaConnect Flow to be the input for multiple MediaLive Channels​
  • Update available AWS EC2 instance types to include latest Intel (c6i) and ARM (c6g) VMs​
  • IDP: Add all events types in ZEN Master to Multi Object Correlation Analysis
  • Notifications tray for “High Priority” alerts​
  • Define objects as VIP for elevated alerting​
  • Ability to share Source monitoring page to others who do not have ZEN Master account​
  • Multiplexer support
  • Demuxer support​

Partners in the Zixi Partner Village will include Evertz, Streann, Ant Media and Neutral Wireless.

Ant Media (Ant Media), whose Ant Media Server (AMS) has integrated Zixi to help gaming and broadcasters by providing adaptive, ultra-low latency streaming by using WebRTC for sub .5 seconds latency.

Neutral Wireless (Neutral Wireless) will demonstrate Zixi running over the innovative “Network-in-a-Box” private network that allows for high resolution wireless cameras to be connected and deliver live ultra-low-latency video feeds for production. 

Streann (Streann Media) exhibiting the Zixi enabled OTT platform that empowers content providers with innovative creation distribution, engagement and monetization tools for the ultimate end-user experience. 

Evertz Microsystems (Evertz) – Zixi and Evertz users can leverage the natively integrated XPS Live Video Encoder Series, a real-time high quality and low latency video encoder and decoder module for live streaming, cloud-based, REMI / remote production, OTT, and on-demand applications including the MMA10G-TRXS-5G and MMA10G-TRXS-HC standalone HEVC/H.264 encoder and decoders with ZEN Master support for orchestration and management.

XL8 (XL8) will demonstrate Zixi running over the innovative “Network-in-a-Box” private network that allows for high resolution wireless cameras to be connected and deliver live ultra-low-latency video feeds for production.