Zixi On-Demand Webinar

Universal Origination in Virtualized Workflows with the SDVP

As media companies virtualize their live streaming infrastructure, workflows are becoming more complex. This webinar explains why the concept of universal origination is crucial to managing today’s virtualized broadcast supply chains.

Zixi’s VP of Business Development, Eric Bolten, will showcase how the ability to handle virtualized workflows universally through the SDVP allows content owners to efficiently gather signals and programming and send to multiple digital and traditional destinations across the distribution ecosystem and on to the consumer at broadcast-quality.

Senior Solutions Architect Paul Shore will demo Zixi’s ZEN Master Control Plane use to manage, monitor, and orchestrate live streams at scale across Zixi enabled devices and software.


Eric Bolten, VP Business Development, Zixi
Paul Shore, Senior Solutions Architect, Zixi

Broadcast Date:

September 22, 2020