Industry Discussion

Cloud Control: Innovative Workflows for Cloud-Based Streaming

February 22nd | Streaming Media Connect 2024

The most effective streaming workflows are flexible enough to scalable both upward and downward to adapt to variable viewing demands and deliver the high QoE viewers expect and the brands which underwrite premium streams demand. Migrating some or all elements of your streaming workflow to the cloud is increasingly regarded as the most effective way to maximize scalability and agility while also managing costs. What types of innovations are today’s most successful cloud streaming practitioners implementing in their workflows to optimize their streams? Tune in to this session for practical and actionable insights on cloud streaming workflows that deliver and scale.


Magnus Svensson, Media Solution Specialist, Eyevinn Technology, Sweden

Corey Smith, Senior Director, Advanced Production Technology, CBS Sports, Paramount Global
Jonas Ribeiro, Digital Products, Platform and Adtech Manager, Globo
Martin Bergstrom, Head of Broadcast Tech Sweden, ESL FACEIT Group
Eric Bolten, VP, Business Development, Zixi
John Porterfield, Webcast Producer, Social180Group

Broadcast Date:

February 22, 2024