Zixi On-Demand Webinar

Protected Multicast Distribution

Zixi protected multicast is a resilient transmission technique used for one-to-many or many-to-many delivery in real time communication over private IP infrastructures. Customers rely on this to distribute live, low latency video at scale using an origin-edge distributed architecture. Zixi provides a unique solution that is flexible and suitable for efficient distribution of content for service providers, CDNs and broadcasters with large private global networks. Zixi’s protected multicast solution helps free up precious network bandwidth, allowing users to scale easily, quickly and economically across a broad range of edge delivery points.

In this webinar, Eunice Park, VP Global Sales, and Emeka Okoli, VP of Solutions and Customer Success, explain the unique advantages of using Zixi protected multicast, requirements for initiating Zixi multicast over managed networks, and measuring savings realized for your business.


Eunice Park, VP Global Sales, Zixi
Emeka Okoli, VP Customer Success & Solutions

Broadcast Date:

April 28, 2020