Joint Partner Webinar

Optimize Real Time Playout in the Cloud offers cost effective software based playout solutions that can be hosted on bare metal, virtual machines or in public clouds such as AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure.’s new integration with Zixi’s Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) allows broadcasters to seamlessly shift towards-software based infrastructure while maintaining all the functionality and reliability of hardware-based playout solutions.’s new generation playout software coralPlay offers automation control and a video pipeline, delivering video and audio in a variety of output formats while providing secondary functionality such as graphics and subtitling. This webinar will explore how coralPlay’s integration with the SDVP improves the reliability of signal distribution between the pipeline and the cloud, allowing users to enjoy ultra low latency, error-free live content delivery over any IP.


Peter Hajittofi, CEO,
Gavin Smith, Director Video Technology,
Robert DiPaolo, Chief Software Architect,
John Wastcoat, SVP Strategic Alliances & Marketing, Zixi
Naytram Deonarain, Senior Solutions Engineer, Zixi

Broadcast Date:

February 2, 2021