Joint Partner Webinar

Live Streaming Powered by Harmonic VOS360 and Zixi

Harmonic has integrated Zixi into its VOS360 Live Streaming Platform, allowing for the secure, reliable, and cost-effective transport of live video. The Harmonic VOS360 platform is a SaaS offering running off of a global public-cloud infrastructure. Harmonic’s VOS360 platform helps content owners and service providers easily launch revenue-generating broadcast-quality OTT channels in a matter of minutes. The VOS360 solution features a complete delivery solution from live ingest to the end device, at scale.

To protect the content in transit throughout its media processing and delivery chain, Harmonic’s VOS360 cloud infrastructure features integrated Zixi Receivers that can receive Zixi-protected sources.

This webinar features a demonstration of the VOS360 Live Streaming Platform and shares a real world use case example regarding live, low latency sports streaming over IP.


Gordon Brooks, Executive Chairman and CEO at Zixi
Alain Pellen, Senior Manager OTT & IPTV at Harmonic
Pascal Jezequel, Senior Video Solutions Manager at Harmonic

Broadcast Date:

July 22, 2020