Zixi Press Release


Posted March 22, 2018

Manages Large-Scale Configuration, Orchestration and Monitoring Down to Channel and Device

Zixi, an industry leader for enabling dependable, live broadcast-quality video over the public Internet, will showcase ZEN (Zixi Enabled Network) Master, a cloud-delivered set of capabilities that reduce the complexity of live/live-linear workflows, at NAB 2018 (Booth SU9110). Making it easy to scale the use of IP video, ZEN Master addresses the industry’s biggest challenges of managing multiple streaming workflows, enabling media organizations to extend their reach, increase their production speed and dramatically reduce operational costs.

Complementing the Zixi Platform, which enables IP delivery of video over the Internet from anywhere to anything reliably, securely and at the highest quality, ZEN Master provides a software platform to manage streaming workflows as scale as complexity grows. From a single dashboard, ZEN Master can control contribution, CDN or storage, transcoding, distribution and monitoring of hundreds to thousands of servers and connections.

“ZEN Master completes the video transport workflow management for large media companies and service providers by adding the stream management element that’s been missing from the process,” says Eric Bolten, vice president of business development, Zixi. “The concept of stream management is an innovative way to leverage Zixi’s software, which is already installed in 80 percent of the market’s most popular hardware. Unlike other workflow solutions, ZEN Master manages configuration, orchestration and monitoring tools down to the individual channel and device level across an entire enterprise.”

ZEN Master consolidates powerful tools for viewing and managing a virtual infrastructure by providing an instant view of a global video-delivery network in one place. In addition to optimizing operational costs and increasing content offerings through dynamic cloud scaling, ZEN Master benefits include:

  • Access from Anywhere using a Web interface that allows team members to log in from anywhere, create new channels, add content sources or distribution points, allocate resources and monitor a company’s video delivery network at a glance.
  • Manage live video including point-to-point, one-to-many, multi-cloud, or even multi-CDN. Inputs and outputs for hundreds of broadcast streams are managed without complicated back-end configurations while maintaining automatic configuration details for the resources and distribution targets.
  • Maintain operational integrity across a network by assigning appropriate access to the new system. Through robust multi-layer user authentication, permissions, and role-management tools, create groups and user profiles to share responsibilities with team members in minutes.
  • View networks at a glance at any time to verify that sources are connected and providing content. From a single view, drill down to monitor a network at the stream and device level.

“The industry has scaled rapidly in terms of video distribution over the Internet. Our customers have evolved from executing simple point-to-point use cases, to tackling large-scale delivery of live channels and events, to thousands of distribution points 24/7,” says Chris Noe, Zixi Chairman.  “Zixi’s customers – which are made up of the largest media companies in the world – see the use of IP networks as an opportunity to significantly improve their business agility and transform cost structures. The Zixi Platform allows the media industry to do this in a proven, reliable way while ZEN Master enables true global scale.”

ZEN Master is the latest set of tools to join the Zixi Platform and Zixi Cloud. The Zixi Platform allows for receiving and distributing HD live streams from anywhere to anywhere using the open internet. Simplifying live streaming, high bit rate streams are transcoded for multiscreen and CDN delivery in a single process, delivering live, broadcast-quality video over unmanaged and managed networks, with reliable and secure protection. The Zixi Cloud lets companies expand video streaming options with cloud-based solutions —offering a far more flexible, scalable and affordable solution for live broadcast-quality content.