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Zixi wins Best Tech Company and Product Innovation Awards

Posted December 1, 2020

Zixi Wins “Best Tech Company” and “Product Innovation Award” for the SDVP

2020 may be coming to a close but the Zixi team is hard at work expanding the features and capability sets of the SDVP and earning coveted industry awards.

product innovation award tv technology

This December, Zixi received a 2020 Product Innovation Award from TV Technology for the SDVP. This is the second year in a row that Zixi has received a Product Innovation Award. The Product Innovation Awards from TV Technology recognize excellence in manufacturing of products serving the TV/pro video industry. Each year the Product Innovation Award winners are chosen by a panel of working professional engineers and managers in TV, pro video and radio.

The SDVP earned the Product Innovation Award distinction due to the unparalleled interoperability of the platform. Zixi’s SDVP is distinctive in that it is the only software platform designed for live video to afford its users the ultimate flexibility to monitor and manage live video streams across a wide range of protocols, IP networks, cloud and service providers and edge devices.

zixi best tech company

The Zixi team also won Best Tech Company from Sports Pro Media, taking home the bronze award in a highly competitive category. The SportsPro OTT Awards celebrate the pioneers of sports broadcasting that set themselves apart from the competition. The award for “Best Tech Company” recognizes the company that’s driving the growth and disruption of the sports OTT industry via the use of technological innovation that help the industry with a key technological challenge.

“Zixi designs its product roadmap to lead in innovation instead of follow and each of its components are designed to help optimize Quality of Service throughout the media supply chain from contribution to delivery, and provide high Quality of Experience for the end consumer.”

Despite the challenges of 2020, Zixi helped customers and partners quickly adapt to cloud-based, software-defined workflows that will be the industry’s future. Congratulations to the Zixi team!