Posted March 22, 2018

The Zixi Platform Latest Release Improves Security Features on What is Already the Most Secure Live Video Industry Platform in the Market Today

WALTHAM, MA, March 22, 2018 —Zixi, the industry leader for enabling dependable, live broadcast-quality video over the public Internet, announces even tougher encryption and security barriers protecting customers streaming live events and live linear video content via public or private IP networks. The Zixi Platform provides best-in-class multi layered Security for delivering Broadcast Quality Live Video over IP. In addition to restricted access control and AES encryption, Zixi now provides DTLS (Datagram Transport Layer Security ) for its UDP video delivery protocols. DTLS is exclusive to the Zixi Platform, and makes content delivered via Zixi the most protected UDP transport in the market today.
“Content security is a top priority for content owners using either public Internet or private IP networks to distribute content. Our DTLS solution for the protection of UDP transport is unique in the industry. We know how valuable live event and live linear content is, so we consistently put significant engineering effort into maintaining and improving upon industry standard protocols that keep our customers’ content safe on any network.” Uri Avni, CTO of Zixi.
DTLS is a communications protocol that provides security for streaming video by allowing systems to exchange data with appropriate systems without allowing eavesdropping, tampering, or message forgery. While stream-oriented TLS (Transport Layer Security) is intended to provide similar guarantees and is used in protocols across many industries, Zixi’s incorporation of DTLS makes the security of content transported via UDP best-in-class.
The Zixi Platform security protocol stack has been improved on all Zixi software tools. Customers and Partners can incorporate the free Zixi SDK and API, allowing applications to become further protected while remaining standards-base compliant. The Zixi SDK and API provide a future proof, cost effective, proven, and secure method for delivering true bro
adcast quality live content over the open Internet.
See a demo of the Zixi Platform and ZEN Master at NAB Show booth SU9110.
About Zixi
Zixi provides a cloud based and on-premise software platform that enables broadcast-quality video delivery over the open Internet. The company offers the Zixi Platform for broadcasters, enterprises, over-the-top video providers, and mobile service providers around the world. The Zixi Platform makes it easy and economical for media companies to source, manage, localize, and distribute live events and 24/7 live linear channels in broadcast QoS, securely and at scale, using unmanaged IP networks. Zixi provides enhanced management of large complex networks with ZEN Master, a cloud-based platform that provides visual tools to configure, orchestrate, and monitor live broadcast channels and events across industry protocols. Since 2007, the Zixi Enabled Network (ZEN) has grown to grown to over 30 OEM and service providers and we serve well over 200 customers representing most of the top media brands around the world. zixi.com