Zixi Press Release

Zixi Releases Android Player and SDK

Posted March 13, 2018

Released in the Google Play Market – Zixi provides a low latency player publicly available on Android, similar to the one Zixi provides for iOS devices.

Zixi’s Android player uses our own adaptive streaming protocol and is a first-ever adaptive bitrate at sub-GOP latency.

The Zixi player is customizable with an SDK freely available on GitHub.

Zixi also provides the contribution player and is freely available as app and SDK, and can do bonding of WiFi + cellular and adjust source quality according to network conditions.

With the Zixi Platform, customers can stream from mobile-to-mobile, including cloud transcoding and adaptive bitrate, at sub-second overall end-to-end latency.

For further information on these players, or to inquire about demo license for any element of the Zixi Platform reach out to info@zixi.com.