Zixi Press Release


Posted September 5, 2018

Daily live music game, Out-of-Tune showcase the Zixi Platform’s exceptional latency and video quality controls

Zixi, the market leader in delivering low latency, live broadcast-quality video over the open Internet reveal that the Zixi Platform, running on Zixi Cloud, underpins the innovative and popular new live music game Out of Tune.

In August, FTW Studios launched Out of Tune an app with a daily show featuring Hosts and DJs that play ten songs out of tune, giving the players just a few seconds to guess the correct title.
The company is also already thinking about other shows. This may include Out of Tune spin-offs for other music genres, but also other participatory formats. “We are not in the game show business,” said Avner Ronen, CEO of FTW Studios. “We are in the shared experience business.” FTW goal is to inspire people to experience more shared moments in their daily lives. “In order to do that, we had to build our video distribution network powered end-to-end by the Zixi Platform. We have to be able to depend on a system that lets us tune video latency and make sure all participants are experiencing show content in the same way at the same time.”
“FTW Studios’ Out of Tune is introducing an innovative user experience, we share their vision and see a future of many new video concepts that are internet-based that requires new technologies and protocols. We are thrilled that FTW Studios has chosen the Zixi Platform to support low latency and synchronized live mobile video experiences. Our goal is to help new and traditional media organizations extend their reach, increase their production speed, and dramatically reduce operational costs, by making monitoring and orchestration of IP-networks easier, faster, and more cost-efficient, than traditional workflows,” said Israel Drori, President, Zixi.
The Zixi Platform is a vital software platform for cellular-based video distributors to provide a secure, low latency, live content within cellular networks.
Delivery over a single path in a network, even with the best streaming technology, likely runs into congestions and bottlenecks in the route selected by the network. To overcome a single path connection, Zixi uses a unique multi-path delivery methodology. A video stream is divided into multiple sub-streams that are relayed through mid-points in the network. The Zixi Platform reconstructs video back to its original format without errors, as long as the total aggregate received bitrate is equal or greater than the source bitrate.
The Zixi Platform offers bonding capability to aggregate bandwidth across multiple local connections on a device, leveraging a user space software bonding stack that works across devices capable of having multiple IP addresses, such as mobile phones with WiFi and 4G LTE connections.
Learn more about the Zixi Platform and its diverse capabilities for supporting worldwide mobile video concepts at IBC 2018 in Hall 14 Stand F11.