Zixi Press Release


Posted April 7, 2019

Joint-offering Provides On-Demand Flexibility and Lower Cost for Live Video Distribution Over IP

Zixi, the industry leader for enabling dependable, live broadcast-quality video over IP, today announced that its partnership with Veset, a pioneering cloud-based playout solution provider, has reached a new milestone by enabling the music video platform XITE to launch and deliver its linear channel to Telenet, the largest cable broadband operator in Belgium. This channel has become the 60th channel the partners jointly launched since the start of cooperation in 2014.

Veset’s innovative true cloud playout platform enables broadcasters to originate professional linear TV channels in AWS and other public clouds and deliver them using Zixi to any linear television distribution platform, including satellite, terrestrial, OTT, IPTV and CDN. Veset’s pay-as-you-go self-service and all-in-one playout provides broadcasters of all sizes a quick, flexible and efficient way of launching new TV channels in the cloud or migrating away from legacy hardware-based on-premise or virtualized solutions.

With over 10 years of proven experience and deployment in over 100 countries, Zixi’s proven software empowers a secure and reliable low-cost distribution workflow over IP anywhere in the world. Demanded by the world’s content providers, Zixi provides a best-in-class resiliency using a combination of content-aware and network adaptive forward error correction, error recovery, congestion avoidance, bonding of multiple transmission paths and dynamic feedback to control encoder rate, all at a minimal latency.

Natively integrated into the same cloud instance as Veset Nimbus playout, Zixi delivers live contribution feeds to Veset Nimbus and distributes the channel created by Veset to traditional MVPDs and OTT, enabling Veset’s customers to deliver their 24/7 linear channels in broadcast quality for global distribution.

With Zixi, Veset can deliver reliable and secure live stream transport at broadcast quality worldwide in a way that’s economical, efficient and secure, providing opportunities for niche providers to deliver content at scale. To date, Veset and Zixi have launched channels for over 20 clients worldwide. Those include GINX Esports, a leading international Esports TV channel offering linear TV channels globally, and Fashion TV, the global multimedia network leader in fashion and lifestyle content.

“Zixi provides an essential technology for Veset as it enables a reliable broadcast grade, low-latency contribution of live content to our playouts in public or private clouds and then the distribution of 24/7 linear channels globally. We could not have achieved such success today if we had not established this partnership four years ago” says Igor Krol, CEO of Veset. “While there have been a proliferation of various solutions in the market in the past few years, Zixi established itself as an industry standard which substantially reduced barriers to entry for innovative IP and cloud-native solutions like ours.”

“The Zixi Platform is an enabler for new technology players like Veset to deliver end-to-end broadcast grade linear origination and distribution at lower operational cost and with unprecedented flexibility, ” said Michael Poppler, Director of International Sales, Zixi. “We are excited to have achieved this new milestone with Veset and look forward to a further acceleration of transition of linear channel origination to the cloud.”