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Zixi and Streaming Media Present “State of the Streaming Market” Survey Findings

Posted October 6, 2020

Zixi State of Streaming Market

Zixi and Streaming Media present the results of the Fall 2020 “State of the Streaming Market” Survey, designed to understand how the landscape has changed due to COVID-19


As a kick off to Streaming Media West virtual conference, Zixi’s CEO Gordon Brooks joined Streaming Media Editor in Chief Eric Schumacher-Rassmussen and HelpMeStream’s Founding Executive Director Tim Siglin to share the results of Streaming Media’s Fall 2020 “State of the Streaming Market” survey.

The webinar offered a look at the preliminary findings of the Fall 2020, preceding a more detailed report that will be issued later in October which will provide a deeper comparison to the survey results generated from the pre-COVID-19 Spring 2020 “State of Streaming” survey.

There were 300 survey respondents, consisting of streaming industry professionals, 65% of whom both created and distribute media. The survey did not include technology vendors. 75% of survey respondents were from North America, 20% from Europe and the rest from around the world.

Some of the key highlights from the survey included:

  • In terms of the mix of Live and On-Demand content, Live content represented a majority of the business at 53% vs 47% for On-Demand content, demonstrating the rise in importance of live linear content on streaming platforms
  • The survey confirmed the trend towards software-defined infrastructure, as respondents indicated that over the next 24 months, 65% of their video streaming infrastructure will be software-defined vs hardware defined (35%)
  • The majority of respondents indicated that the primary IP network plan for video transport will be the Internet (56%), followed by CDN (25%), Fiber (12%), Cellular (4%) and Satellite (2%)
  • Most respondents indicated that in terms of live video IP transport protocols, most would use Multiple Protocols (70%), vs those who would use a Single Protocol (30%)
  • Interoperability is of high importance as (60%) demonstrated that interoperability was crucial to their organizations
  • In terms of the biggest benefits of moving to the cloud, in order of importance respondents ranked 1) Flexibility 2) Reliability 3) Cost Savings 4) Faster Time to Market 5) Supports a Virtualized Workforce
  • In terms of 5G,  57% of respondents cited that the impact of 5G would have a medium, high, or game changing impact on their video streaming strategy with Direct to Consumer, Distribution, and Contribution leading in the use case categories

The survey results confirmed that with the Zixi SDVP, the media industry can be well prepared for the future of streaming. The most comprehensive software-defined video platform designed for live streaming, the SDVP offers multi-protocol acceptance of over 17 industry protocols and containers, can conduct transport over any IP or hybrid IP network, and is interoperable with over 200 integrated technology vendors, providing users the ultimate solution in terms of flexibility, reliability, for a cost-effective solution that enables remote monitoring and broadcast continuity with a fast time to market.

View the webinar recording below.

As part of Streaming Media West’s conference agenda, Gordon Brooks also gave a Tech Talk introducing the advantages of the Zixi SDVP.

To request a copy of the Fall 2020 “State of the Streaming Market” report, please visit Streaming Media.