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Posted December 21, 2021

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Zixi will be hosting ZIXI Innovates, a virtual showcase during October to engage with existing and prospective customers and partners. While we have have been hindered by the lack of – in-person events for many months, and unfortunately this will be no different. However, we intend to both engage and educate our customers globally – whether they are veterans or brand new to the SDVP.

To take place of such a large event in some capacity, one which  we will bring together many of the elements that make NAB great. ZIXI INNOVATES will be a two-week virtual event designed to educate audiences on the SDVP, the most comprehensive platform for delivering live video over any IP network, any protocol, any cloud provider and any edge device. New and existing customers will have the opportunity to schedule personalized meetings and demonstrations to learn how the SDVP and its components can meet their complex live streaming needs.

Zixi Innovates webinars will allow attendees to learn first-hand from Zixi leadership, integrated technology partners and top media companies that are using the SDVP to address the challenges of workflow, network, and operational virtualization. A central point of discussion will be the Zixi is the architect of the Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP), the only platform of its kind enabling the most dependable live broadcast-quality video over any IP network, any protocol, any cloud and any edge device. This makes it easy and economical to source, manage and distribute live events and 24/7 live linear channels securely and at scale.

The remote-work culture of 2021 has been a massive shift for many leading media companies and made it more important than ever to deliver the most reliable broadcast-quality video from homes and remote facilities. For broadcast media engineers working remotely, visibility to and management of the video supply chain is key. With the Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform and SaaS model ZEN Master control plane, remote workers can have a unified view to the IP media supply chain from content acquisition through media processing to delivery to social platforms, OTT targets and traditional IRDs across the distribution landscape. Instead of taking a back seat during this, Zixi has not only grown its team but also continuously developed and improved its solutions for dispersed user base and its diversified customers around the globe.

In addition, Zixi’s Software-Defined Video Platform enables media and entertainment companies to migrate their workflow control points from on-premise infrastructures with local operational and engineering resources to remotely managed workflows that leverage existing infrastructures and extend those capabilities to the Cloud (public and private) while allowing the agility, flexibility, scale and security with the Quality of Service that professional broadcast requires. By using all the elements of Zixi’s Software-Defined Video Platform, remote users can maintain business continuity and securely orchestrate, manage and monitor broadcast quality, low latency live video workflows from anywhere in the world.

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  • Live SSAI with Ad Insertion Platform and Zixi – Ad Insertion Platform has integrated the Zixi SDVP so that customers can ingest distribution feeds, control the SCTE-35 markers and leverage Zixi live transcoding for OTT distribution in HLS or MPEG-DASH, easily enabling ad insertion and monetization of these feeds. In this session, learn more about Ad Insertion Platform’s market-leading and innovative Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) solution DAIConnect dedicated to Live TV, Live Events and VOD – enabling ad stitching and ad monetization on any video platform, and with a demo, how combining DAIConnect with the SDVP allows customers to have an OPEX model subscription that includes additional OTT services to answer broadcasters and operator’s needs. RESGISTER HERE – Thursday October 14th: 11am ET
  • The Zixi Intelligent Data Platform – Senior Director of Product Management Andrew Broadstone will provide an overview for the need for AI and ML and advanced technologies in the design of streaming architectures that optimize the quality of transport and service to deliver the quality of content and experience that modern consumers demand. The session will detail the capabilities of the IDP and Zixi’s vision for the future, including an interactive demonstration showing an innovative advanced incidents dashboard, root cause analysis and comprehensive insights view with comparative analytics. October 19th: 11am – 11:45am ET
  • Streaming Media Webinar: State of Media Industry & Zixi – Streaming Media Editor Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen and Zixi CEO Gordon Brooks will discuss the current trends in the media market, cutting edge use cases being deployed, the importance of new partnerships that the company has established, and innovation initiatives at Zixi. This will include the impact of technology innovations such as AI and ML on complex workflows with its Intelligent Data Platform, 5G deployments with major broadcasters in partnership with telco and cloud infrastructure providers, as well as the company’s full SaaS offering of the Zixi SDVP, Zixi as a Service. REGISTER HEREThursday October 14th: 11am ET
  • Individual Customer and Partner meetings – Zixi will be organizing individual sessions with current and prospective Zixi customers and partners. Those who would like to reserve a time are also encouraged to contact Zixi to schedule a virtual meeting to view the latest updates and enhancements to the Software-Defined Video Platform, using this form to request a meeting date and time.