Zixi Press Release


Posted September 18, 2018

Zixi provides Pixellot, the leader in automatic sports production, the tools to scale and distribute from anywhere to any platform, with 40,000 production hours per month expected by end of 2018
Zixi, the market leader in delivering broadcast-quality video over managed and unmanaged networks, announces that sports content producer Pixellot has surpassed 100,000 hours of automated sports production and distribution using the Zixi Platform in 2018.
Zixi is committed to making managed and unmanaged IP networks a secure, high-quality, and reliable solution for media industry live video delivery. Key aspects of the Zixi Platform that support Pixellot’s business model are automating “spin up” and “spin down” of AWS cloud resources, dynamic instance licensing, transcoding and packaging automation, and more managed services that allow maximum content customization and distribution using the least amount of resources, second-by-second.

Pixellot’s automated sports production solution revolutionizes video production, enabling semi-professional, college, high school and amateur sports organizations, to affordably cover and monetize their events. The patented technology streamlines the production workflow by deploying an unmanned, multi-camera system in a single fixed unit, covering the entire field and delivering a stitched panoramic image. AI computer-vision-based algorithms ensure the auto-production system tracks the flow of play, identifies highlights, and inserts ads without human intervention.
“Thousands of Pixellot systems are streaming sports games from all around the world at a growing rate. Currently, every 5 minutes a new Pixellot-produced game kicks off,” said Alon Werber, CEO, Pixellot. “This scale couldn’t have been reached or managed without a trusted platform like Zixi. Sometimes the internet connection is weak or unstable, but Zixi helps us to overcome these challenges and enables us to deliver quality video and scale toward producing even more high- quality content to millions of viewers. Currently, we produce 20,000 hours per month, and we expect to double that, reaching 40,000 hours of content per month, by the end of the year.”
“We are honored to partner with Pixellot by contributing to its innovative AI camera platform workflow. The growing importance of IP-network media tools, powerful SDKs, APIs, and automated execution is becoming clearer as video content creators come to appreciate the viability and flexibility in using unmanaged networks in large scale media contribution and distribution around the world. We are also proud of our contribution in the success of Pixellot’s vision and in reaching the 100,000-hour threshold in such short time period,” said Israel Drori, President, Zixi.
With unmatched bandwidth optimization, quality of service (QoS), and security protection for live video delivery, the Zixi Platform helps Pixellot bring thousands of sporting events to a global stage in flawless broadcast quality.
The Zixi Platform continues to expand its automation of tasks in cloud solutions to help media businesses successfully tackle global scale challenges to deliver live video content around the world, at reliability ratings at or better than satellite or fiber.