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Edge Computing Pioneer Videon Elevates Live Video with Zixi Partnership

Posted August 22, 2023

LiveEdge® integrated Zixi and ZEN Master for Transport and Management at Scale

Zixi, the industry leader for enabling cost-efficient and highly scalable live broadcast-quality video over any IP network or protocol and provider of the award-winning Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP®), today announced a partnership with Videon who have natively integrated Zixi into LiveEdge®, a powerful container-based edge compute ecosystem with sub-second glass-to-glass latency. A second integration enables LiveEdge to be managed by Zixi’s ZEN Master control plane, enabling users to manage large-scale configurations and orchestrate, analyze, monitor, and report on live video streams and devices across the Zixi Enabled Network of customers, integrated hardware and software applications, platforms and service providers standardized on Zixi.

Traditional live video infrastructure does not scale for the new generation of live video, broadcast is expensive, user-generated content is low quality, and the cloud can be cost-prohibitive and increases latency, hindering the ability of media organizations to achieve their business objectives. LiveEdge simplifies first-mile workflows by normalizing and synchronizing live video, audio, graphics, and data feeds, in real-time, enabling complex workflows and use cases including remote production kits, live betting, multi-camera time sync, video assistant referee, localized graphics, remote camera control, automated ad marker insertion and in-stadium second screen experiences, to name a few. Key features include the ingestion of live video, audio, graphics, and metadata, including proprietary and custom data formats, for normalization, synchronization, visualization, and security using native, 3rd party, or custom containers such as SMPTE-336 (KLV), SCTE-35, timestamp, DRM, watermarking, etc.

Many of Zixi’s clients are using the SDVP to deliver and manage thousands of streams, and there is no other alternative in the market that can provide 99.999%+ reliability at scale. Low latency error-free transport over IP networks is critical to media organizations contributing and delivering live video over unmanaged IP networks, and the Zixi protocol is a resilient congestion and network-aware protocol that adjusts to varying network conditions and employs patented, dynamic Forward Error Correction techniques for error-free video transport over IP. v17 of Zixi’s core software being released at IBC 2023 improves processing capacity requiring 95% less compute compared to other available options, as well as helps reduce transport stream egress cost by up to 50% allowing organizations to maximize their resources, minimize expenses and deliver broadcast-quality video content reliably with a profound impact on the TCO of live video streaming implementations.

Zixi’s superior efficiency eliminates the need for excessive virtual machines, leading to reduced infrastructure requirements and substantial cost savings. By significantly cutting infrastructure costs, media organizations can allocate their resources more efficiently, redirecting budgetary allocations to other critical areas creating new business models and opportunities to generate revenue. Videon utilizes key components of the SDVP to transport broadcast quality, ultra-low latency live video over any IP network. LiveEdge devices with the native Zixi integration include EdgeCaster EZ, EdgeCaster VCP, LiveEdge Node, the new LiveEdge Max, and across multiple form factors, including LiveEdge 2Go Mini, LiveEdge 2Go, and LiveEdge Rack.

“As Videon’s footprint rapidly expands, becoming an embedded and critical component in major workflows, our customers recognized the value of Zixi’s dependable and scalable broadcast-quality video delivery,” said Lionel Bringuier, Chief Product Officer at Videon. “While Videon empowers users to harness edge computing, ingesting live video, audio, graphics, and data feeds to simplify first-mile workflows and create new revenue-generating opportunities, our collaboration with Zixi further elevates this capability, offering the industry’s lowest TCO and unmatched management of linear and event channels at scale through the SDVP integration.”

“With its unmatched efficiency and scale, reduced infrastructure requirements and transport stream egress cost reduction, Zixi opens new possibilities for growth, innovation, and enhanced video streaming experiences.,” said John Wastcoat, SVP BD and Marketing, Zixi. “The integration with LiveEdge and partnership with Videon expands our ability to deliver exciting use cases like live betting, video assistant referee and dynamic, unique in-stadium second screen experiences.”

Videon will exhibit LiveEdge ecosystem’s native integration in the Zixi Partner Village at IBC 2023, for more details and to book a meeting please visit https://zixi.com/zixi-at-ibc-2023/

About Zixi

Zixi provides the cloud based and on-premises Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP®) that enables reliable broadcast-quality video delivery over any IP network, any protocol, any cloud provider and any edge device. The company offers technologies for broadcasters, enterprises, over-the-top video providers, sports leagues, service providers, cable operators and Telcos around the world, giving them the lowest TCO in the industry.  Many of Zixi’s clients are delivering and managing thousands of streams, and there is no other alternative in the market that can provide 99.999%+ reliability at scale. Zixi simplifies building and managing congestion-aware live video routes on any network, with support for 18-protocols across any operating environment, with products that are purpose built to provide market leading performance, universal interoperability and an operational control plane that simplifies management and orchestration at scale. With 15+ years of innovation and expertise, the Zixi Enabled Network has grown to over 1000+ media customers and 400+ OEM and service providers that deliver 20,000+ channels daily, with 110,000+ deployed instances in over 120 countries, gathering over 9 billion data points a day while delivering over 100,000 live sporting events a year. This powerful ecosystem of the largest media organizations in the world exchanging live video allows for the creation and acceleration of new content acquisition, business models, and opportunities to reduce cost and generate revenue.


About Videon

Videon is dedicated to making live video work at scale. Videon replaces encoder and laptops with a first-of-its-kind edge compute environment housed in a compact and portable form factor — the cornerstone of the LiveEdge® Ecosystem. The LiveEdge Ecosystem continuously grows, adding native features, functionality, and new edge computing containers from a growing network of industry-leading providers. Additionally, LiveEdge enables customers to quickly develop, test, and deploy custom containers, tailoring solutions to unique needs. LiveEdge Ecosystem supports a community of world-class video engineers, enabling workflows never thought possible, pushing the boundaries with data-driven automation, sub-second latency, and providing a foundation for AI/ML-driven use cases, all resulting in a decreased TCO. Deployed in 400+ sports venues, OB vans, flight packs, and production backpacks, LiveEdge is processing tens of thousands of hours of real-time data and video, enabling live advertising, syndication, multiviewers, and betting environments. Join the community making live video easier, smarter, and more efficient. For more information, visit www.videonlabs.com.

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