Zixi for Universal Video Gateway

A universal video gateway for IP delivery. Contribute once, deliver to any.

As broadcast industry workflows virtualize and increase in complexity, interoperability across media supply chains has become more important than ever. With live video distribution evolving towards cloud-based workflows, broadcast companies need a software-based solution that will allow them to scale the reach of their operations while maintaining control over both virtual and traditional resources.

The Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) enables broadcast-quality video delivery over any IP network, any protocol, any cloud provider, and any edge device, providing a comprehensive, scalable solution for the transport, monitoring and management of live video. Because of its unparalleled interoperability, the SDVP serves as a universal video gateway, a way to deploy live video workflows between and across a large ecosystem of media organizations using one comprehensive software-based platform. With the SDVP users can simply and efficiently facilitate universal contribution and distribution of live video to and from affiliates and partners.

Zixi Advantages

As a universal video gateway for live streaming workflows, the SDVP enables users to manage live and live linear programming delivery to regional, national and global audiences and balance the tech stack employed to do so between engineering and operational requirements.

Universal Origination

Content owner can gather their programing and send once to both digital and traditional destinations

Universal Contribution

Streaming service providers can acquire programming in any protocol/bandwidth/signal/QoS – all resulting in a high Quality of Experience

Universal Distribution

Enable 3rd party delivery across the distribution ecosystem and on to consumer

Use Any Protocol for Contribution or Distribution

The SDVP is the only live streaming software platform that offers users a wide range of protocol acceptance in addition to the pioneering Zixi protocol for the delivery of live video. The Zixi protocol, both congestion and network-aware, dynamically adjusts to varying network conditions and employs proprietary forward error correction techniques for error-free video delivery over any IP or hybrid IP network. While most users rely on the Zixi protocol for transport, the SDVP accepts all industries.

Maintain Visibility & Control to Internal & External Workflows

As content moves across broadcast workflows, the SDVP provides control over delivery throughout the media supply chain. Zixi’s robust content quality, transport, and network analytics allow broadcast engineers and operators to ensure that streams maintain broadcast-quality during their journey in and out of integrated hardware devices and software applications.

As live streams are delivered across the Zixi Enabled Network of integrated technology partners, all workflow elements are managed by ZEN Master, Zixi’s cloud-based control plane that simplifies broadcast operations for efficient management and monitoring of global deployments at scale.

When all these capabilities are leveraged together, the SDVP establishes access to a wide network of interoperable solutions that will help simplify any broadcast workflow. The SDVP serves as a universal video gateway to streaming infrastructures that can iterate as industry trends and technology evolve, driven by a simple philosophy: users should be able to receive a signal in any protocol, process for live transcoding into any format, and deliver to any target.

With the SDVP, leverage the unique ability to contribute content once and deliver to any traditional or digital destination with the expected broadcast quality of service and quality of experience that broadcasters demand.

Reference Architecture: Universal Video Gateway

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