The Challenge

Broadcast over the internet

Delivering live video over IP networks is really hard.

For global media and entertainment companies, the acts of provisioning, deploying, orchestrating, and monitoring large complex IP workflows require a full arsenal of capabilities that only a robust end-to-end Software-Defined Video Platform like Zixi can provide.

Broadcast over internet video transmission presents difficult challenges in performance, usability, reach and management. Zixi is the answer. The market-leading Zixi protocol is a congestion and network-aware protocol that dynamically adjusts to varying network conditions and employs patented Forward Error Correction techniques for low latency error-free video transport over IP. It provides best-in-class security with DTLS and AES encryption, allows for multicast transport, alleviates encoder backpressure, conducts bonding over multiple transmission paths and bitrate adaptation to make the internet usable for professional video. Our technology enables broadcast over Internet with high source stream quality, supports multiple edge devices, and requires minimal time for processing and caching.

RTP w FEC vs Zixi

For more than a decade we have overcome the challenges delivering video over the Internet presents:


  • Congestion
  • Distance
  • Jitter
  • Packet Loss
  • Link Bandwidth
  • Link Utilization
  • Link Quality
  • Path Diversity
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Video Quality


  • Load Balancing
  • Clustering
  • Monitoring
  • Recording
  • Replication
  • Conversion
  • Unicast/Multi-cast
  • Transcode
  • Transmux
  • Adaptive Bit Rate
  • File Transfer
  • Time Stamping/Shifting
  • Backup/Failover
  • Device Types
  • Protocols


  • Multicloud
  • Open APIs
  • Auto Scale
  • Abstract Layer for Complex Workflow
  • Global Visibility to All Components
  • Location Agnostic
  • Hybrid Deployment
  • SDK for Device and Platform
  • Standard Protocols for Management
  • Support for Standard and Emerging Video Protocols
  • Connect and Bridge Between All Video Devices, Applications and Platforms

at Scale

  • Configure
  • Orchestrate
  • Monitor
  • Alert
  • Root cause analysis