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Zixi Enabled Network Panel: Complex Live Streaming Over IP

As part of its Zixi Powered! Virtual Showcase in lieu of NAB 2020, Zixi hosted a panel discussion featuring partners and customers from AWS, Blizzard Entertainment, Comcast Technology Services, and Net Insight discussing the latest challenges and opportunities facing the broadcast media industry today as the industry shifts towards IP-based distribution models.

Panel_Webinar_On Demand Webinar

David Griggs, Senior Product Manager, AWS
Corey Smith, Director Live Operations, Global Broadcast, Blizzard
Joe Mancini, Sr. Director of Product Management, Comcast Technology Services
Tor Blomdell, Head of Products, Net Insight
Eric Bolten, VP of Business Development, Zixi

Broadcast Date:
April 21st, 2020

Post-Webinar Poll on the Current State of the Industry

After the webinar, we asked attendees to give their opinion on the current and future state of the media industry given the current shifts brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Question 1: As streaming services proliferate, what is the biggest factor in audience retention and growth?

  • 76% Live linear and Events
  • 24% VOD

Question 2: Do you expect that live linear programming will become curated and customized for individual consumption?

  • 92% Yes
  • 8% No

Question 3: Do you see AI and ML as critical to improving the consumers’ Quality of Experience?

  • 50% Somewhat
  • 45% Very Much
  • 5% Not Really

Question 4: Do you think that ad sponsored services or subscription services will have higher growth?

  • 55% Both
  • 23% Ad Sponsored
  • 22% Subscription Services

Question 5: Has the recent pandemic accelerated the virtualization and move to the Cloud for the broadcast industry?

  • 73% Very Much
  • 26% Somewhat
  • 1% Not Really

Question 6: How important is it to enable broadcast quality virtualized live production as a permanent set of workflows?

  • 84% Very Important
  • 16% Somewhat Important

Question 7: When do you expect live events to be held in a similar way and volume as during pre-Corona times?

  • 26% Q1 2021
  • 21% Never Be the Same
  • 19% Q4 2020
  • 18% Q3 2020
  • 16% Further Out

Question 8: Will higher quality broadcast formats, like 4k, make you more likely to view a program?

  • 61% Yes
  • 39% No

Question 9: Will remote production and broadcast operations result in a permanent shift away from working on premise?

  • 68% Yes
  • 32% No

Question 10: Will virtualized live production result in new forms of programming and content?

  • 100% Yes