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Learn how Zixi as a Service makes it easy to create, monitor and manage live video streaming workflows using any IP network. Provide your information below along with an example of your streaming use case, and a representative will follow up with you directly.

Zixi provides live streaming software that helps media companies deliver dependable, live professional broadcast-quality video using any IP network, any protocol, any cloud and any edge device.

With Zixi as a Service (ZaaS) easily deliver live video streams over any IP network at ultra-low latency with all the features and functionality of Zixi's award-winning Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) and the flexibility of cloud-based solutions, without the need to manage broadcast infrastructure.

Why ZaaS for your live streaming service?

  • Benefit from Experience - We've spent 15 years perfecting broadcast-quality live video delivery over IP with the industry recognition to prove it
  • Fast Time to Market - Zixi provides a turnkey live streaming platform, so you can focus on growing your business rather than managing broadcast infrastructure
  • Access Unique Data - Our data transparency and deep telemetry allows you to leverage stream data from proprietary sources that you won't get anywhere else
  • Cost Efficient, Reliable Technology - Proven, interoperable cloud-based solutions enable efficient live video streaming workflows that provide flexibility and resiliency with 99.999% reliability

quickly enable cloud workflows for live video

Zixi ZEN Master

ZaaS provides a turnkey way to deliver broadcast-quality video over any IP network using cloud infrastructure

  • Enable Agile Live Video Workflows - IP-based transport enables flexible, efficient broadcast workflows with lower fixed costs, better visibility into stream data, and allows for greater regionalization of content
  • Create a Universal Video Gateway​ - Cost effectively facilitate contribution and distribution to or from affiliates and partners utilizing any protocol, IP network, cloud or edge device
  • Conduct Remote Monitoring and Ops​ - Orchestrate, monitor and manage live video streams from end-to-end of the video supply chain through one centralized virtual control plane
  • Monetize New Revenue Sources​ - Expand to digital first touchpoints such as OTT, SmartTVs and connected devices, monetizing live video content in more ways with little incremental cost.
  • Satellite Rationalization - Replace or augment satellite transport for more flexible live video infrastructure, lower fixed costs, better visibility into stream data, and greater regionalization of video content.​

Expand workflow agility with zaas

Enjoy the many benefits of Zixi's live streaming service

Increase Efficiency

Leverage Operational and Technological efficiencies with streamlined cloud workflows

Greater Flexibility

Cloud video workflow solutions make it easy to spin up and down Zixi instances as needed from any location

Improve Uptime

Achieve 99.999% reliability or higher when delivering live video over IP with Zixi

Better Visibility

Zixi's ZEN Master control plane provides end-to-end visibility and control over highly complex live video delivery workflows

Amplify Reach

Add new geographies with the click of a button to expand live video delivery to incremental markets at a low cost

Future-Proof Workflows

Zixi technology is upgraded with each new software release, allowing customers to easily iterate their cloud workflows and employ new features

Customize Delivery

Support for SCTE markers and traditional features like closed captioning enables customization of live video programming feeds and ad insertion

Turnkey Solution

Proven turnkey solution for software-based live video broadcast deployments over IP and hybrid IP networks.


The Zixi Enabled Network consists of the 700+ customers and 300+ Zixi-enabled vendor devices and platforms deployed around the world, providing a scalable live streaming platform to easily interconnect leading media companies, their cloud and service providers, and thousands of edge devices globally.







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