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A to Z: AWS and Zixi integrate to deliver the worlds most complete live video cloud delivery solution!


AWS and Zixi are tightly aligned to deliver dynamically scalable live video across the AWS Cloud backbone. The Zixi Software Defined Video Platform (SDVP) is at the heart of AWS Media Services, enabling media organizations the agility, reliability, security and quality needed in today's complex video production and delivery environment.

AWS Elemental MediaConnect
Zixi provides live video route orchestration, delivery assurance, security, latency management, quality analysis and performance reporting within your AWS environment, with seamless integration between Zixi ZEN Master and AWS MediaConnect with Amazon CloudWatch alerts and analysis available inside the ZEN Master console.

AWS Elemental Link
AWS Elemental Link devices transport UHD video with pristine quality and high resiliency using the Zixi delivery protocol, which combines content-aware and network-adaptive forward error correction with error recovery, while minimizing latency.

Zixi ZEN Master now supports realtime monitoring of AWS Cloud Digital Interface (CDI) flows.

AWS Elemental MediaLive
Starting in Q1'22, The Zixi ZEN Master control plane will directly create, manage and monitor AWS Elemental MediaLive streaming channels, providing for the first time a seamlessly integrated live video dashboard across the AWS Media Services supply chain.

AWS Marketplace
You can now consolidate charges and manage spend directly within the AWS Marketplace, with full support for Zixi commit tiers and discounts via AWS Marketplace Private Offers. If your organization is on a committed spend with AWS, this can be a great way to manage contracts that more effectively utilize your commit volumes.

With more integrations coming, AWS and Zixi are redefining premium video delivery, unlocking exciting new revenue opportunities while greatly increasing operational agility.


Zixi ZEN Master with AWS Elemental MediaConnect

Zixi ZEN Master features complete support for AWS MediaConnect flows. ZEN Master enables broadcast production and operations teams to dynamically create and manage workflows, centralize realtime reporting and visualize AWS CloudWatch data with industry leading operational dashboards.

ZEN Master grid views make provide 'at a glance' monitoring that dynamically adjust to changing performance and alerts across monitored flows. Operations team can leverage ZEN Master alerts to generate graphical and email-based notifications. Advanced functionality like bonded sources and hitless failover deliver seamless always-on video while network and content aware adaptive forward error correction maintains consistent quality even as network conditions change.

ZEN Master also enables provisioning, orchestration and configuration management of hybrid environments, seamlessly managing infrastructure across on-prem, remote and cloud environments, providing a single pane of glass in to the operational health of flows no matter where they're originating or what format they're being delivered in. Centralized management of multi-partner supply chains and normalizing live video throughout the distribution environment is all managed directly within ZEN Master, including the ability to remotely access and manage encoders and IRDs on ZEN Master connected networks.

User configurable reports and industry leading KPIs provide unprecedented live and historical visibility, providing a purpose built video operations dashboard on top of the AWS Media Connect and AWS CloudWatch environment. Advanced scheduling, automation and management are all included and deliver a customizable video delivery environment that scales on-demand.

Zixi ZEN Master and AWS MediaConnect tie together industry best operational video management with the agility and scalability inherent in AWS.

Global Operational Visibility

  • Graphical Interface designed for streaming video
  • API integration to AWS CloudWatch data
  • MediaConnect complete workflow visualization
  • Hybrid Zixi and MediaConnect complete workflow visualization
  • Progressive video monitoring
  • System monitoring of Feeders, Broadcasters, Receivers and all IP based workflow resources
  • Network Analytics visualization and history
  • Transport Analytics visualization and history (TR101)

Grid View in ZEN Master

Remote Workflow

Graphical Monitoring of Workflows

Enhanced Architecture Options for AWS Customers

AWS users can create even more flexibility, resilience and performance in their video environment by enabling Zixi Broadcaster. Zixi Broadcaster increases the number of supported delivery protocols bringing greater device and platform support, includes DTLS and AES enhanced encryption, sophisticated processing and transcode options and advanced monitoring options including live audio/video quality and impairments analysis.

Zixi ZEN Master makes it easy to simply select the AWS region and availability zone where you would like your video routes enabled, and a Zixi Broadcaster is automatically provisioned and deployed for you. When your video is delivered using Zixi Broadcaster, you can take advantage of the full capabilities in the <a href="">Zixi Software Defined Video Platform</a>!


Zixi Broadcaster Delivers Enhanced Capabilities

  • Content Quality Analytics visualization and impairments detection (e.g. blank or frozen video, audio issues, etc.)
  • Business Impact Analytics visualization and history covering SCTE monitoring and logging from source to endpoint workflow
  • Machine Learning based ePSNR and eVMAF quality analysis
  • Extended Hitless Failover at origin edge points
  • Seamless multi transmission IP bonding
  • Orchestration of bonding between multiple IP paths
  • Thumbnail Monitoring

Machine Learning Based ePSNR

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