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MediaConnect is an AWS service to move live or live linear video into the AWS Cloud, across the Cloud and out of the Cloud which is built on the Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform. ZEN Master used with MediaConnect, offers many advantages across a variety of  workflows and architectures that give Media companies and service providers visibility to multiple layers of telemetry with the architectural flexibility to orchestrate and interoperate with other systems and infrastructures at regional and global scale.

The ZEN Master control plane adds workflow flexibility, layered stream health visibility, stream analysis across audio-video-network parameters with reporting and automation routines that enhance the robust stability of the MediaConnect platform and the observability of the AWS infrastructure.


Advantages of ZEN Master with AWS Elemental MediaConnect

Operational and Technical scalability

  • Tight MediaConnect integration
    • Workflow creation and management
    • Reporting across system health and uptime
    • CloudWatch integration
  • User configurable grids for monitoring systems and stream components at scale
  • Supports multi-partner supply chains
  • Graphical and email-based alerts
  • Centralized remote access for managing local, remote and cloud-based devices from a single screen
  • Ability for users to remotely access and administer encoders and IRDs on ZEN Master connected networks
  • Configurable reports such as uptime of all channels or specific sources, QoS, QoE, outage, assets and version control
  • Event logs
  • Scheduling
  • Automation
  • History
  • Zixi license management and alerts
  • Ingest Hitless Failover using the Zixi protocol
  • ZEN Master permission-based access and control for user administration
  • Single Sign On integration for tying in with customers user authentication system, no individual AWS accounts required
  • Full ZEN Master API access
  • World Class Zixi technical support

Global Operational Visibility

  • Graphical Interface designed for streaming video
  • API integration to AWS CloudWatch data
  • MediaConnect complete workflow visualization
  • Hybrid Zixi and MediaConnect complete workflow visualization
  • Progressive video monitoring
  • System monitoring of Feeders, Broadcasters, Receivers and all IP based workflow resources
  • Network Analytics visualization and history
  • Transport Analytics visualization and history (TR101)

Grid View in ZEN Master

Remote Workflow

Graphical Monitoring of Workflows

Enhanced Architecture for Greater Reliability

AWS users who choose to leverage a Zixi Broadcaster at the source can unlock an additional suite of features that will enhance their workflows for increased reliability of broadcast-quality delivery.

Requires Full Zixi Broadcaster at the Source vs. MediaConnect Feeder

  • Content Quality Analytics visualization and history such as blank or frozen video, audio issues, etc.
  • Business Impact Analytics visualization and history covering SCTE monitoring and logging from source to endpoint workflow
  • Machine Learning based ePSNR
  • Extended Hitless Failover at origin edge points
  • Seamless multi transmission IP bonding
  • Orchestration of bonding between multiple IP paths
  • Thumbnail Monitoring

Machine Learning Based ePSNR

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