Zixi Protected Multicast


Zixi’s Software-Defined Video Platform enables global media organizations to deliver and manage live, broadcast-quality video across any IP, any protocol, any cloud, and any edge device with low latency, total reliability, and the highest-security protection.

As more and more media companies shift towards virtualizing their infrastructures, Zixi's Software-Defined Video Platform allows both on premise and remote users to easily and cost-effectively maintain business continuity and securely orchestrate, manage and monitor broadcast quality, low latency live video workflows from anywhere in the world. With Zixi protected multicast, content owners can efficiently send video to multiple destinations over IP without increasing server load and network traffic.

Challenges Faced by Dedicated Networks

There are many challenges to sending live video over IP.

  • Limited visibility into an end to end network - No access to control or telemetry
  • Inability to provide Root Cause Analysis due to limited visibility
  • Inefficient use of network with multicast traffic – bandwidth utilization and link quality issues
  • No interoperability with unmanaged networks – how do you go from WAN to LAN

Zixi ensures that high value live video assets that traverse from one point over unmanaged and managed networks are clean, optimized and guaranteed quality.

Multicast Use Cases

  • Distributed to Remote Facilities - Origin
  • Distributed to Remote Facilities - Diversely Hosted
  • Distributed to Remote Facilities - Edgepoint Delivery
  • Protected Multicast Private Network
  • Protected Multicast - Origin - Edge Distribution to Media Business

Zixi Enhancements on Standard Multicast Transmissions

Zixi is the only software to provide a resilient, reliant solution for multicast transport over unmanaged networks. No other multicast solution provides the same visibility to the receiving network as Zixi does. Zixi is the only protocol that can conduct multicast that is not in push mode, meaning that with Zixi, the multicast addresses do not have to be determined in advance of sending the traffic, making for a more flexible and seamless one-to-many or many-to-many transport solution over any IP.

Transmission Features

  • ARQ: Efficient re-transmission and congestion avoidance
  • FEC: Forward Error Correction is enabled to each multicast client
  • Bonding
  • Hitless Failover
  • AES Encryption
  • Adaptive Bit Rate
  • No practical Max bitrate for compressed video
  • Adjustable Latency
  • PID Selection and Normalization
  • Auto fallback to Unicast for clients or remote office node that may have issue receiving multicast
  • Enhanced QoS across private networks including lower quality circuits

Telemetry Features

  • Centrally manage multi-cloud, multi-network workflows internally and between partners
  • Ability to orchestrate, monitor and report stream attributes across segments and traverse managed and unmanaged IP networks with unified control plane
  • Trace route visibility on signal paths
  • TR101 analysis
  • Network Analytics
  • Device Analytics
  • Content Quality and Business Impact Analytics
  • AI based Quality Scoring: ePSNR


Zixi SDVP Quantifiable Returns

  • Root Cause Analysis – Root Cause Analysis is provided in minutes not weeks, with the ability to isolate and identify problems in the supply chain effectively, across teams
  • Network Bandwidth Optimizations – Reduce infrastructure utilization, streamline hardware footprints, and reduce unnecessary traffic
  • Scalability with Agility – Easy to onboard, reduce time of deployment, increase reach of resources
  • Virtualized Collaboration – Manage and control services across the supply chain of resources and global teams
  • Democratize Operational Resources – Leverage operational resources and maximize specialized engineering skill sets
  • Achieve Business SLAs and Uptime – Highest availability, optimal recovery time, manage maintenance downtimes
  • Delivery of Highest Quality of Experiences – Deliver highest possible Quality of Experience across programming and advertising

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