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the Zixi SDVP makes it easy

The Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) offers a live video streaming solution that makes it possible to source, manage and deliver video for live events, live linear television and OTT. Only the SDVP provides broadcast quality, 99.999% reliability at scale over any IP or hybrid IP network while also providing the flexibility that modern economics require for IPTV solutions.


Only Zixi Provides Broadcast Quality, 99.999+% Reliability at Scale.

What’s more, unlike any other technology in the industry, the SDVP allows you to monitor, control and gather intelligence along the entire transmission path, whether you’re using on-premise, cloud or a hybrid of workflows. This level of transparency means you can dramatically increase production speed, reduce costs and ensure QoS and uptime. Professional broadcasters, sports networks and service providers rely on the SDVP for their video streaming needs including primary contribution, ENG backhaul, satellite backup, disaster recovery, OTT delivery and broadcast distribution, over any IP network.

Zixi Product of the Year Best Overall Delivery Product