Use CaseS

achieve higher uptimes with IP streaming



Providing a Higher Quality, Cost-Effective Alternative to Replace or Augment Satellite

Video content providers are increasingly turning to Zixi's IP streaming solutions to replace satellite delivery. The Zixi platform and ZEN Master control plane make it easy for media companies to deliver broadcast quality video over IP networks, securely, cost-effectively and at scale.

Reduced Costs

For many content providers, the transition away from satellite delivery is driven by cost. Satellite and transponder time is very expensive with long-term commitments depending on where the signal is being sent. Zixi’s technology enables providers to save as much as 50% over traditional satellite delivery.

Improved Uptime

Our technology allows providers to achieve higher uptimes then satellite delivery. Clients can count on 99.999% or higher reliability when delivering video over IP networks depending upon the architecture.

Increased Visibility

Zixi’s ZEN Master control plane provides end-to-end visibility and enables media organizations to easily manage, orchestrate and monitor highly complex delivery workflows.

Customizable Technology

With support for SCTE markers and traditional features like closed captioning, Zixi enables media organizations to customize programming and ad insertion to take advantage of evolving markets and revenue opportunities.

Future-Proof Solutions

Our agnostic technology enables organizations to future-proof their technology stack with solutions that can easily adapt to new formats, manage new delivery options and exploit new opportunities.