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For over a decade we have worked across the globe with the industry's most sophisticated media companies solving their most challenging  delivery problems.

Our technology has helped customers to:


Facilitate Large-Scale OTT Content Aggregation

For media organizations aggregating and delivering OTT and live linear content at a massive scale, ensuring broadcast quality and uptime reliability is an enormous challenge. Redundancy is critical to ensuring broadcast quality, yet providing adequate redundancy with satellite and fiber solutions is extremely expensive.

With Zixi the world’s largest content providers can aggregate video for OTT and live linear while easily architecting superior uptime reliability of 99.999%. Our technology enables organizations to implement primary, backup and tertiary services that ensure content can be delivered through different ISPs in different geo locations for maximal reliability.

Enable Large-Scale OTT Digital Delivery

Content providers are turning to multi-CDN and multicloud infrastructure to facilitate global delivery of OTT programming. By uploading content to cloud infrastructure and CDNs around the world and preparing it for delivery in HD, 4K or 8K, media organizations can deliver content to global end-users more easily and cost-effectively.

Zixi offers the only technology that enables global content providers to implement large-scale OTT digital delivery while automatically taking advantage of this multi-CDN and multicloud infrastructure strategy.

This technology enables fast and efficient delivery of content to multiclouds and multi-CDNs worldwide, with primary/backup services and packaging created and carried by Zixi to different regions. Once in storage, this content can serve as the CDN origination for all digital programming.

Support Multicloud Infrastructure

For many content providers preparing video for delivery to affiliates and end-users through legacy technology and the traditional master control setting is a process that takes days or months. To accelerate delivery, many media organizations want to adopt a multicloud infrastructure that can create new handoffs for accessing video content almost immediately.

But to deliver video through a multicloud workflow, organizations must move their programming through a set of ingress clusters, across the cloud to a set of egress clusters, a highly complex, costly and error-prone process. Zixi dramatically simplifies this task while providing complete visibility into progress and quality, enabling clients to abandon painful legacy processes and to provide access to video through cloud instances that can be spun up immediately. Processes that would have taken days or months in the past are now nearly instantaneous with Zixi.

Enable Large-Scale MSO Delivery

Zixi enabled a major network broadcasting client with many regional sports networks to aggressively move from satellite delivery to delivery over IP. We currently enable content delivery on 100-primary channels to cable head ends or MSO’s, as well as delivery on an additional 100-backup channels. After two years, the majority of these channels have performed with 100% uptime.

Manage Intra-Cloud Streams Cost-Effectively

Seeking to meet customer demand with the highest quality viewing experiences, many content providers are turning to cloud infrastructure to achieve greater redundancy and to architect uptime more effectively. Unlike traditional delivery paths, once video is transferred via IP into the cloud it can be replicated as much as providers desire to over-engineer or over-architect uptime.

The challenge these companies face is that while getting video into and out of the cloud has traditionally been very difficult, moving video across the cloud and manipulating it for replication and greater uptime is even more complex. There are more links in the supply chain to manage and more potential for errors and quality issues to affect performance.

The Zixi Platform solves these challenges with simple software that enables clients to easily manage video content in the cloud and to implement complex solutions for replication and highly architected uptime. The ZEN Master control plane provides visibility throughout the process, along with troubleshooting tools that help to speed remediation and simplify management.

Support High-Volume Contribution with Distribution

For media organizations delivering a high volume of contributed content to a number of sites the cost of satellite delivery can be prohibitively high.

Uploading large volumes of contributed content requires multiple transponder uplinks and additional transponder time, which can get very expensive very quickly. For these organizations video delivery over IP networks with Zixi provides a highly compelling alternative. Zixi technology is agnostic about payloads, number of channels and resolution. That means we can efficiently deliver high-volume contribution with cost-savings and quality that the satellite model simply can't compete with.

Gain Visibility into a Multi-Party Supply Chain

While delivering live linear television is hard, delivering digital live linear television is exponentially more difficult. The highly complex supply chain includes multiple steps and stages: contribution from multiple sources, moving video feeds to the cloud, pushing content to an ingress cluster, managing data across the cloud, extracting it from a set of egress clusters, sending it to third-party vendor for processing, delivering it to a distributor, geo blocking it to CDNs and finally delivering it to an end user. Errors and problems can affect quality at any point in the process.

With the Zixi Platform media organizations get powerful solutions that simplify management of video across the media supply chain while increasing quality of video content for end users. And with Zixi ZEN Master, content providers can easily monitor all streaming activity throughout the supply chain, drilling down to monitor networks at the stream and device level. ZEN Master lets engineers see exactly what is being broadcast and issues alerts based on specific monitoring thresholds.

Enable Large-Scale Content Processing

For global content aggregators the ability to quickly and efficiently process content on a large scale is critical to profitability and competitiveness. In order to satisfy customer demand while minimizing complexity and holding the line on costs, these organizations need solutions that can manage transcoding, packaging, creation of multi-formats and multiple stream styles and delivery to a wide range of CDNs and other destinations.

The Zixi Platform provides all the tools required to manage large-scale content processing with ease. Media organizations can rely on our unified transport layer to deliver video throughout the world with the highest quality of service, even when connection failure and network error results in up to 20% packet loss.