Use cases

unmatched visibility into multi-party supply chains

Delivering live linear television is hard. But delivering digital live linear television is exponentially more difficult. The highly complex supply chain includes multiple steps and stages: contribution from multiple sources, moving video feeds to the cloud, pushing content to an ingress cluster, managing data across the cloud, extracting it from a set of egress clusters, sending it to third-party vendor for processing, delivering it to a distributor, geo blocking it to CDNs and finally delivering it to an end user. Errors and problems can compromise quality at any point in the process.

With the Zixi Platform, media organizations get powerful solutions that simplify management of video across the media supply chain while increasing quality of video content for end users. And Zixi ZEN Master makes it easy for content providers to monitor all streaming activity throughout the supply chain.  Providers can even drill down to monitor networks at the stream and device level. ZEN Master lets engineers see exactly what is being broadcast and issues alerts based on specific monitoring thresholds.

Thousands of broadcast quality channels globally.

Tens of thousands of broadcast connections.