Use Case

easily and cost-effectively Managing intra-cloud streams 

Seeking to meet customer demand for the highest quality viewing experiences, many content providers are turning to cloud infrastructure to achieve greater redundancy and to architect uptime more effectively. Unlike traditional delivery paths, once video is transferred via IP into the cloud, it can be replicated as much as providers desire to over-engineer or over-architect uptime.

The challenge these companies face is that while getting video into and out of the cloud has traditionally been very difficult, moving video across the cloud and manipulating it for replication and greater uptime is even more complex. There are more links in the supply chain, more potential for errors, and quality issues that affect performance.

The Zixi Platform solves these challenges with simple software that enables clients to easily manage video content in the cloud, and to implement complex solutions for replication and highly architected uptime. The ZEN Master control plane provides visibility throughout the process, along with troubleshooting tools that help to speed remediation and simplify management.

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