Zixi for Government & Military

Governments and NGOs leverage live IP video to more effectively communicate, both as a secure means for real-time collaboration and broadly to their constituents and members.

Zixi understands some of the specific challenges government agencies face when producing and delivering live video.  The Zixi Enabled Network of integrated technology partners and service providers are experts on implementing live video systems built on top of Zixi, ensuring uncompromising live video delivery over any network with market leading security and reliability built in.  From ultra secure low latency military applications to highly efficient local government outreach, Zixi offers the most complete suite of live video delivery solutions in the marketplace.


  • Zixi ZEN Master Control Plane makes it easy to manage video routes over any network 
  • Protected Multicast and enhanced video delivery over WAN routes save significant bandwidth without sacrificing security or quality 
  • Seamlessly deploy video on-prem, private and public cloud resources or leverage Zixi as a Services (ZaaS): Zixi’s cost optimized high performance cloud solution 
  • Zixi Enabled Network of over 350 integrated technology partners and service providers 


Zixi offers industry best security for real-time live video distribution.  By securing end-to-end video delivery, agencies can organize live video sessions across globally distributed and departmentally separated networks.  All streaming data that moves through the Zixi Enabled Network of integrated software and devices is protected using a multi-layered security approach: 

  • End-to-end data encryption using industry-standard AES ciphers with up to 256-bit keys
  • Session establishment is password-protected using a secure handshake
  • DTLS version 1.2 (RFC 6347) with certificate validation and strong ciphers

In addition, Zixi is trusted to deliver the worlds most valuable content, everyday.  That trust has been earned by Zixi continuously fortifying and testing our services to ensure they are hardened to deliver market leading security and data privacy.  Zixi rigorously adheres to stringent industry standards and is certified SOC2 Type I and Type II compliant, validating Zixi practices and operating effectiveness. 


Agencies are often needing to originate live video in areas that may not be well suited for live video, such as when responding to disasters or when visiting constituents in remote areas.  Zixi's unique ability to dynamically adjust to changing network conditions enables uninterrupted delivery of broadcast quality video even across networks that are experiencing as much as 40% packet loss.  Zixi also enables bonding video across diverse signal paths, concurrently streaming across 4G/5G mobile networks, unmanaged internet and/or satellite services, ensuring error free low latency live video distribution.


Increasingly agencies are leveraging video networks of connected devices such as remote cameras, mobile devices and vehicles such as unmanned drones to enhance vital law enforcement, security, emergency management, traffic, relief, conservation and compliance verification services.   

Zixi's ZEN Master helps operations teams seamlessly manage all their video feeds in a single control plane, regardless of the video format or delivery protocol used.  ZEN Master continuously monitors the status of live video and dynamically orchestrates infrastructure resources to ensure that sources are routed via the highest performance networks to target destinations for ultra-low latency, high quality video delivery.  ZEN Master also manages interoperability, dynamically formatting, mapping and transcoding sources to match the needs of the target destination and the Zixi Enabled Network of over 350 integrated technology partners ensure that your investments in video are future-proof and universally supported. 

Zixi ZEN Master can also simplify cloud adoption for live video.  ZEN Master orchestrates provisioning and configuration of cloud resources in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and others.  ZEN Master can scale out live video routing and processing infrastructure in the cloud and provide comprehensive visibility in to the health and status of that infrastructure.  ZEN Master also works directly with AWS Media Services, offering greatly enhanced functionality, performance and control over the most popular cloud media services. 


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