Zixi for enterprise

Our enterprise customers are delivering more live stream to more offices, employees, partners and customers than ever before.  The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a trend that had already been underway, as companies have heavily invested in enabling ubiquitous production and distribution of video resources.  While tools like Zoom, Teams and Webex have enhanced collaborative meetings by making video an essential part of the work experience, companies also need to be able to efficiently deliver produced and interactive live streaming video to large internal and external audiences.  Zixi is helping make this happen and has features designed to help corporate communications, product trainings, HR & executive outreach, customer engagement and more.


  • Zixi ZEN Master Control Plane makes it easy to manage video routes over any network 
  • Protected Multicast and enhanced video delivery over WAN routes save significant bandwidth without sacrificing security or quality 
  • Seamlessly deploy video on-prem, private and public cloud resources or leverage Zixi as a Services (ZaaS): Zixi’s cost optimized high performance cloud solution 
  • Zixi Enabled Network of over 350 integrated technology partners and service providers 

Bandwidth Efficiency & Industry Best Security

Zixi streams are industry recognized as the most bandwidth efficient way to deliver high quality video.  Zixi manages advanced, dynamic error correction, dramatically reducing IP overhead associated with typical video distribution.  Zixi is content aware, eliminating  compression and packaging inefficiency automatically as part of the distribution, providing cost and bandwidth savings of as much as 40% over traditional video delivery.  Zixi is also congestion aware, automatically identifying and responding to changing network conditions, continuously adjusting stream delivery criteria across multiple dimensions to ensure uninterrupted high quality video.

Zixi delivers a resilient solution for protected multicast transport. No other multicast solution provides the same visibility to the receiving network as Zixi does. Zixi is the only protocol that can conduct multicast that is not in push mode, meaning that with Zixi, the multicast addresses do not have to be determined in advance of sending the traffic, making for a more flexible and seamless one-to-many or many-to-many transport solution over any IP. This is incredibly powerful for companies that are geographically distributed, providing the ultimate in bandwidth efficiency and secure delivery of live video over corporate WAN environments.

With active directory integrated authentication and advanced encryption support, Zixi wraps video streams in a layer of security from end-to-end, ensuring only the intended audience can view your video streams. Zixi offers industry best security for real-time live video distribution.  By securing end-to-end video delivery, agencies can organize live video sessions across globally distributed and departmentally separated networks.  All streaming data that moves through the Zixi Enabled Network of integrated software and devices is protected using a multi-layered security approach:

  • End-to-end data encryption using industry-standard AES ciphers with up to 256-bit keys
  • Session establishment is password-protected using a secure handshake
  • DTLS version 1.2 (RFC 6347) with certificate validation and strong ciphers

In addition, Zixi is trusted to deliver the worlds most valuable content, everyday.  That trust has been earned by Zixi continuously fortifying and testing our services to ensure they are hardened to deliver market leading security and data privacy.  Zixi rigorously adheres to stringent industry standards and is certified SOC2 Type I and Type II compliant, validating Zixi practices and operating effectiveness.


Comprehensive Solution
for Managing Video Distribution 

Universal interoperability across devices, delivery protocols and video formats ensures that any video can be reliably transmitted from any contributing source to any target destination.  Bonded hitless failover across diverse signal paths ensures highly resilient video delivery from remote facilities or mobile environments even when streaming over unmanaged internet and 4G/5G cellular networks.  In addition to the industry leading Zixi protocol, Zixi supports 17 industry leading video delivery protocols and formats including RTP, RIST, SRT, RTMP and HLS.  Zixi automates format conversion and video transcoding, ensuring that each target destination (for example: social platforms, corporate multicast network, CDN, web and mobile players) receives the live video leveraging the protocol and format specified for that  target.

Zixi ZEN Master control plane provides a single pane-of-glass for users to easily manage dynamic video delivery.  Every feed is continuously monitored and Zixi ZEN Master integrates directly in to your on-prem or public cloud environments to monitor your video infrastructure.

ZEN Master orchestrates provisioning and configuration of cloud resources in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and others.  ZEN Master can scale out live video routing and processing infrastructure in the cloud and provide comprehensive visibility in to the health and status of that infrastructure.  ZEN Master also works directly with AWS Media Services, offering greatly enhanced functionality, performance and control over the most popular cloud media services.

Zixi-as-a-Service (ZaaS) provides everything needed to orchestrate live video ingest, orchestration, transcode and delivery without the need to invest in building your own video cloud.  ZaaS helps organizations rapidly spin up high performance video distribution in the cloud, offering video teams a managed and secure environment for them to build video routes while significantly mitigating costs that can rapidly scale such as cloud egress fees.


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