Digital Delivery

OTT | Digital Distribution USE CASE

Master the Digital Supply Chain

Content providers are increasingly turning to OTT/digital delivery to take advantage of new revenue opportunities, satisfy growing customer demand and efficiently delivering broadcast quality video to a growing number of devices. But as they shift from distributing video via multiple system operators (MSOs) and other traditional delivery paths towards digital video delivery and OTT distribution, the challenges are immense.

Digital video distribution requires content to traverse a complex set of processes in the cloud where signals must be transcoded and processed into digestible digital bits for use on a wide variety of different devices and at different levels of quality.

Each segment of this digital media supply chain, from contribution to transcoding to third-party processing to digital MVPD to CDN to end-users for example, holds the possibility for loss of quality or failure to deliver.

The Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform supports OTT digital delivery with solutions that:

  • Simplify orchestration of the entire workflow from source to finite delivery
  • Accelerate digital delivery of content to anywhere
  • Unify the process under a single umbrella technology
  • Provide complete visibility into content quality, network performance and progress through each step of the process