Leveraging AI for Media Creation

The following excerpts are from the TV Tech article “AI Carves an Easier Path for Media Creators“. Like any other technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning for video production and distribution came about in an effort to build a better mousetrap. Any product that does more with less effort has an advantage over products that […]

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Get actionable insights & timely solutions when managing complex cross-workflow monitoring

Zixi’s Andrew Broadstone sits down with Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB+) News to discuss how Zixi’s Intelligent Data Platform (IDP) integrates AI/ML processing of large data sets to clearly identify actionable insights and to dramatically reduce time-to-resolution.  The complete APB+ article is featured here. With broadcasters and media organisations looking for improved workflow efficiencies during a challenging […]

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VIDEO: Benefits of Video Streaming Data from IP Transport

Synamedia's Jordi Sanders discusses the benefits of using Zixi for IP transport

Synamedia’s Jordi Sander explains how Zixi and Synamedia products are improving media business workflows. Smart use of stream data helps their customers monitor and troubleshoot workflows at scale. Stream data also serves as the basis for new AI workflows that are increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. […]

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