Virtual Showcase

Zixi Powered!

In the wake of the cancellation of the NAB Show 2020, Zixi will be conducting a two week virtual showcase series "Zixi Powered!" exploring how Zixi powers broadcast-quality live video delivery over any IP network, any protocol, any cloud provider and any edge device.

Beginning on Monday April 20th and running through Friday May 1st, this series of video meetings and webinars will present Zixi’s latest innovations and announcements. Along with individually scheduled video meetings and demonstrations, the Zixi team will present opportunities for participants to learn from Zixi leadership, integrated partners and top media companies that are using Zixi’s SDVP to address the challenges of workflow, network, and operational virtualization.


The Zixi Powered! program will present unique opportunities to
learn from Zixi leadership and high-value users of the SDVP

Individual Customer and Partner Meetings

Zixi will be organizing individual sessions with current and prospective Zixi Customers and Partners. Those who would like to reserve a time are also encouraged to contact Zixi to schedule a virtual meeting below to view the latest software updates and enhancements.

The Case for a Software-Defined Video Platform

Monday April 20th, 11AM - 11:45 AM ET

Zixi’s Executive Chairman and CEO Gordon Brooks will lead a master class diving deep into the four elements of the Software-Defined Video Platform: the preeminent Zixi Protocol and 14 other supported protocols, the Zixi Video Solutions Stack, Zixi’s pioneering ZEN Master Control Plane, and the Zixi Enabled Network of over 170 integrated technology partners.

Brooks will explain how each of the four components allow media companies to intelligently and centrally manage software and integrated devices, across any IP network, any protocol, any cloud provider and any edge device for a truly unique live video solution. This presentation will also provide details on the release Version 14 of Zixi’s Software-Defined Video Platform and its latest enhancements and feature sets.


Zixi Enabled Network Panel: Complex Live Streaming Over IP

Tuesday, April 21st, 11AM - 11:45 AM ET

Zixi will be hosting a panel discussion featuring industry leaders from AWS, Blizzard Entertainment, Comcast Technology Services and Net Insight discussing the latest challenges and opportunities facing the broadcast media industry today as the industry shifts towards IP-based distribution models.


ZEN Master: Master Control in the Cloud

Thursday, April 23rd, 11AM - 11:45 AM ET

Tim Baldwin, Head of Product, will present an overview and introduce the latest enhancements to Zixi's award-winning ZEN Master control plane. ZEN Master is the live video orchestration and telemetry control plane that enables Zixi users to manage large-scale configuration and monitoring of the Zixi Enabled Network, Zixi's live streaming platform, devices and appliances. With ZEN Master, media organizations can extend their reach, increase production speed and dramatically reduce operational costs.


Protected Multicast Distribution with Zixi

Tuesday, April 28th, 11AM - 11:45 AM ET

Zixi protected multicast is a resilient transmission technique used for one-to-many or many-to-many delivery in real time communication over private IP infrastructures. Customers rely on this to distribute live, low latency video at scale using an origin-edge distributed architecture. Zixi provides a unique solution that is flexible and suitable for efficient distribution of content for service providers, CDNs and broadcasters with large private global networks.  Zixi’s protected multicast solution helps free up precious network bandwidth, allowing users to scale easily, quickly and economically across a broad range of edge delivery points.

Learn from Eunice Park, VP Global Sales, and Emeka Okoli, VP of Solutions and Customer Success, about the unique advantages of using Zixi protected multicast, requirements for initiating Zixi multicast over managed networks, and measuring savings realized for your business.


Live Partner Demonstrations for

Integrated Video Solutions

Zixi will feature demonstrations from a selection of Partners in the Zixi Enabled Network of over 170+ integrated technology partners. Hear from leading industry partners as they demonstrate how their products integrate Zixi’s Software-Defined Video Platform to provide joint live video solutions to broadcasters and video industry professionals.

Blackbird Wednesday April 29th, 11 AM  - 11:45 AM

And much more!






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As part of the showcase, Zixi will be exhibiting new and existing capabilities
of the Software-Defined Video Platform, including:

Version 14 of the Zixi SDVP:

  • PID Normalization
  • Hybrid IP network bonding
  • Hybrid IP network sequential hitless failover
  • Transcoding & repackaging
  • ML based ePSNR
  • Recording
  • Time shifted delivery
  • Auto-slating

ZEN Master:

  • A new User Interface for its pioneering, award-winning ZEN Master control plane
  • Deeper integration with ZEN Master and AWS’ MediaConnect service
  • Workflow Automation
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Enhanced visualizations
  • Multi-partner video supply chain support


  • Expanded support for 15 industry protocols, including new implementations of Multipath TCP, TCP BBR, SRT and the RIST Main Profile
  • Hybrid protocol bonding

Use Cases:

  • Live 4K transcoding for enhanced Quality of Experience (QoE) and viewer engagement
  • Multi-site virtualization and DR signal paths across public, private and hybrid environments
  • Remote production and virtualized field operations
  • Remote orchestration and virtualized operations across the media supply chain

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