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Read more about how Bloomberg is leveraging Verizon 5G, AWS Wavelength Zones and Zixi Software Defined Video Platform to successfully deliver live UHD ultra-low latency streams.

Video: Industry Experts Discuss Rapid Media Industry Changes

By Zixi Editorial Team | February 28, 2019

Zixi’s CEO Gordon Brooks, and SVP of Marketing and Alliances John Wastcoat, talk about the incredibly fast-changing media industry and what Zixi is doing to help companies keep up and take advantage of IP networks, fiber, and cloud-based workflows. […]

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Video: Replicating and Improving Master Control in Digital Workflows

By Zixi Editorial Team | February 28, 2019

Moving video workflows from fiber and satellite to IP networks isn’t easy, but pays dividends if the right tools are used. Hear from Zixi’s Eunice Park and Eric Bolten on how the team is developing the ZEN Master product to replace and improve upon traditional Master Control functionality. […]

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Video: Improving Profitability in Distribution

By Zixi Editorial Team | February 7, 2019

Zixi’s Eric Bolten talks about the significant benefits for media companies extending contribution and distribution workflow opportunities through IP networks rather than satellite or fiber. […]

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Video: Trusting IP Networks in Broadcast

By Zixi Editorial Team | January 24, 2019

Now that broadcast engineers are more heavily depending on IP networks, contribution, distribution, and media business opportunities are improving. […]

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Video: Zixi’s Unique Approach to Stream Security

By Zixi Editorial Team | January 17, 2019

Eric Bolten talks about why security in streaming is so important to the media industry, and how Zixi’s multifaceted approach to security is especially meaningful. […]

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Video: Zixi Discusses Technical Emmy Award

By Zixi Editorial Team | January 2, 2019

Zixi talks about their pride in earning a 2018 Technical Emmy Award for their decade-long commitment to making video streaming work on IP networks, improving the depth and breadth of options for the broadcast industry. […]

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Broadcast Beat Video: Catching Up with Zixi’s Whirlwind Year

By Zixi Editorial Team | April 12, 2018

Zixi’s Eric Bolten interviewed for the 2018 NAB Show by Broadcast Beat. He gives a quick review of a great year of accomplishments for the Zixi team, partners and customers. […]

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