ZIXI'S Concentrated Approach To sustainability

Making a Conscious Effort to Improve Our World, Every Day


As the global leader in live video delivery over IP, Zixi is committed to sustainable business practices that will help our customers and partners adapt to future business requirements with ease. Though our focus as a company is to deliver our customers the lowest latency broadcast-quality streaming over IP globally, Zixi recognizes the impact and responsibility our company can have on our planet and those in it as we continue to grow.

As an organization, that means recognizing and taking action to promote an environmentally-conscious and socially-aware workplace with a holistic look at how we approach our technology and our business practices so that we can help our customers and partners thrive in the future media environment.



  • The nature of the Software-Defined Video Platform and Zixi as a whole is really the idea that content can be distributed over IP rather than costly, rigid traditional means of distribution such as fiber or satellite broadcasting
  • By enabling a switch to IP, Zixi helps companies realize reduced infrastructure costs of hardware, replaced instead by software and connectivity that takes advantage of existing infrastructure backbones, such as the public Internet
  • Unlike hardware, Zixi software is more adaptable, and can iterate to meet evolving business requirements, allowing companies to easily prepare for the needs of the future broadcast environment
  • Zixi utilizes the most advanced, efficient power consumption and conservation technology* (Ask Emeka for Environmental Facts here)
  • Recognizing the impact travel can have on the environment, we’ve reduced our international travel to reduce our carbon footprint, requiring travel only when necessary. Our in-office requirements are light and our travel will be approved only when it is required



  • Investing manpower, time, and money into R&D heavily to not only advance the efficiency of our own product and its components, particular the SDVP, to make them and more cost effective in every sense of the word, offer additional features, improve upon those features to make them smarter and more
  • We have a big project going on now to drive 10x the throughput of our software on per server. The first stage is in beta now with version 15 at 3x and we should reach 0x by year end.
  • Zixi is pioneering live video delivery over 5G. The speed, capacity and connectivity made possible by 5G will allow media companies more efficient and environmentally friendly methods of delivering live video at scale
  • Automation of routine tasks to save manpower (time and energy)
  • Lower energy consumption thanks to constant optimization



  • Zixi is committed to hiring a diverse global workforce to address the unique video needs of customers and partners all over the world
  • Our R&D Team is based in Israel, with the company headquartered in Waltham, MA – with company representatives based all over the world from New York, Los Angeles, London, Chile, South Africa, Asia and more.
  • Zixi aims to reflect an environment that represents the world in which we live, therefore we strive to hire a diverse workforce and in the past year we have grown our workforce to include more women and people of color


Partnerships & Customers

  • We partner with most of the most well-known brands in media and entertainment around the world. That provides us an opportunity to work together with many diverse companies. With these partners, we can:
  • Collaborate on community events (ties in with below)
  • Learn from their CSR / sustainability practices
  • Consult with them on what “works” and what “doesn’t”
  • Find the more efficient ways to save money, manpower, energy, and deliver the highest quality possible within an organizations given infrastructure
  • Collaborate on events, charitable giving, co-branding to make an impact


Social & Communal

  • Supporting local events not simply for promotional purposes, but to contribute to causes worth it
  • Charitable donations inside and outside of Waltham, the Greater Boston area
  • For example, in August 2021 Zixi sponsored the Women’s Tennis Association Thoreau Tennis Open in Concord, Massachusetts, and associated Players benefit in support of the Sportsmen's Tennis and Enrichment Center, an organization which provides health and wellness programming for thousands of Boston’s under-served communities annually.

If you have any questions about Zixi's sustainability practices, or ways we can reduce our footprint while progressing our societies, please contact us. We are always looking to improve the world in any way we can.