Virtual infrastructures powered by Zixi create limitless possibilities for new content offerings and next-generation delivery. Customizing content becomes easier, as live-linear feeds and live events can be broadcast from a variety of sources, including ENG kits, local venues or studios across the globe. Zixi ZEN (Zixi Enabled Network) Management is the cloud-based platform that reduces complexity of live-streaming workflows as your content offerings scale, and gives you centralized control of your entire Zixi Enabled Network. 
Instantly view your global video-delivery network in one place. Quickly configure new live channels without additional engineering resources. Optimize operational costs as you increase content offerings through dynamic cloud scaling. ZEN (Zixi Enabled Network) Management provides configuration, orchestration and monitoring tools down to the individual channel and device level—across the entire enterprise.

ZEN (Zixi Enabled Network) Management offers an easy-to-use web interface for managing the Zixi Platform and all its subsystems. Team members can log in from anywhere, create new channels, add content sources or distribution points, allocate resources, and monitor your company’s video delivery network at a glance.

Manage Live Video and Zixi Streams At Industrial Scale.

ZEN Management makes it easy to manage inputs and outputs for your broadcast streams without complicated back-end configurations. The platform maintains automatic configuration details for the resources and distribution targets in ZEN. With just a few clicks, team members can create new live channels and spin up the required streams on the fly. Plus, with dynamic cloud auto-scaling, you only utilize the resources your broadcast demands, so your operational costs are always optimized.   

Whether your live-stream signal path is point-to-point, one to many, multi-cloud, or even multi-CDN, ZEN Management is the elegant way to manage your broadcast streams across industry protocols—at scale.

Cloud and IP-based video streaming introduce challenges in the ability to maintain operational integrity across the network. Who will manage the growth of all the broadcast streams? How will existing departments gain appropriate access to the new system? ZEN Management gives your team access to your ZEN while maintaining departmental relevance. 
Robust multi-layer user authentication, permissions and role-management tools make it easy to create groups and user profiles, so you can share responsibilities with appropriate team members in minutes.  

Your Zixi Enabled Network. 
At A Glance.

ZEN Management lets team members verify that their different sources are connected—and providing content—at a glance. See the entire operation in one place, or drill down to monitor your network at the stream and device level. You can watch feeds in real time from Zixi Broadcaster or a CDN egress point, so you can see exactly what your customer sees. 

When you’re off-site, automatic alerts can be set based on specific monitoring thresholds. If there ever is an issue, you’ll know what it is, where it’s happening, and be notified immediately.

Zixi ZEN Management brings your entire Zixi Enabled Network together in one easy-to-manage place. Speak with a ZEN Management expert today, and learn how you can reduce complexity of your growing virtual infrastructure. You can now reach global audiences quickly, simply, and at scale.

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