Zixi Multi-Point Distribution Solutions

Secure, reliable aggregation and distribution over IP 

The Zixi MultiPoint Server enables secure distribution over unmanaged networks of multiple sources to a centralized hub and the distribution of content to several destinations at low latency simultaneously.  The Zixi MultiPoint Server, available as an On Premise appliance or as a Cloud Service (SaaS), accepts streams from Zixi Feeders delivered over IP to the Zixi Multi-Point server where the feeds are then aggregated and distributed to multiple destinations using Zixi’s end to end protocol for delivery of broadcast quality video (SD/HD/UHD) over any distance to a Zixi enabled IRD, decoder, or application with Zixi Receiver embedded.

The Zixi MultiPoint Server is a part of an intelligent, flexible, highly scalable and redundant architecture able to support thousands of destinations. The platform provides video transport management and distribution specifically designed to meet the requirements of broadcasters, sports networks, Live event producers, and service providers.    When used together, Zixi Feeder>Broadcaster Platform>Receiver provide content-aware error correction, bandwidth shaping, and real-time feedback of streaming status enabling content producers to economically transmit HD video over commodity internet connections to support live events, contribution, distribution, and OTT workflows.

Zixi_MPAgg.JPG ZixiMPDisty.JPG