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Manage, Process and Distribute Content

The Zixi Broadcaster serves as a central hub for management, processing, and distribution of content in various formats. Zixi Broadcaster is a software-based platform, available as an application running Zixi Appliances, generic PC servers or virtual machines - or - as a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS).

The Zixi Broadcaster platform enables live linear and live event broadcast-quality video delivery over standard broadband Internet as an alternative to fiber and satellite including:
  • Contributions from Zixi Feeder-enabled encoders including EcoZystem partners
  • Distributions to Zixi Receiver-enabled decoders/IRDs and set-top boxes.
  • OTT delivery in any format to CDNs or direct to PCs, Macs and mobile devices. 

Zixi can also transcode and deliver RTMP or HLS in various bit rates and protocols.
The platform provides video transport management and distribution specifically designed to meet the requirements of broadcasters, sports networks, and video distribution service providers. When used together, Zixi Feeder/Broadcaster Platform/Receiver provide content-aware error correction, bandwidth shaping, and real-time feedback of streaming status enabling content producers to economically transmit HD video over commodity internet connections to support live events, contribution, distribution, ENG news workflows, and OTT workflows.

The benefits of using Zixi Broadcaster include:

Cloud or On-Premise deployment options

Transcoding and transmuxing capabilities

Record Content

VOD capabilities

Distribution over any distance


Reliable and Proven

Lower Cost

Easy Deployment


Zixi Broadcaster supports the following capabillities:

• Enables robust content delivery over IP - communicates with Zixi Feeder and Zixi Receiver over UDP-based, video-optimized protocols on private and public IP networks for maximal quality at a predictable latency
• Adaptive Bit Rate - Dynamically adjusts stream rate to adapt to changing network conditions, using unicast or multicast,to meet specific application requirements
• Transcoding - transcodes to a variety of different profiles and bit rates
• Format conversion - supports Internet protocols: HLS/HDS/MPEG-DASH/RTMP/FLV
• Streaming - multi-format support:
  • UDP - including MPEG-TS re-multiplexing (for professional IRDs)
  • RTP - RTP streaming + SMPTE2022 FEC
  • Zixi - with support in Bonded link input
• Recording - store as an MPEG-TS file.
• Time-shifting - Delaywhen stream will be sent out
• File transfer - Accelerated and secure file transfers delivered at wire speed + accelerated HTTP delivery including optimized playback of HLS and HDS over UDP
• VOD - stored files can be sent in multiple formats
• Clustering and load balancing - provide continuous uptime
• Transport Stream Analyzer - MPEG-TS ETSI TR 101-290 analyzer
• Monitoring - captures network and content specific statistical information in real-time
• Easy to use Web GUI for monitoring and management
• Supports many to many and any to any: gateway platform between UDP (unicast/multicast), Zixi protected stream (unicast/multicast), RTMP, or other supported formats
Broadcaster Specifications
Supported Input Protocols: Zixi protected transport
MPEG-TS over UDP and/or RTP with SMPTE-2022
RTMP pull from CDNs and/or other sources
RTMP push
Transport stream files from local file system
Supported Output Protocols: Zixi protected transport
MPEG-TS over UDP and/or RTP with SMPTE-2022
RTMP push to CDNs and/or other media servers;
Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS)
FLV over HTTP (HTTP pseudo-streaming)
MPEG-DASH (DASH264 profile)
Transport stream files to local file system
Re-multiplex output streams to strict CBR for
extensive compatibility with Integrated Receiver- Decoders (IRDs)
Transcoding: Multiple bitrate sterams can be created from a single input stream
Supported Video and Audio formats: Video (decoding): MPEG2, H.264, Audio (decoding) MPEG1 layer 1/2, AAC
Video (encoding) H.264, Audio (encoding) AAC
Video Profiles: 1080i60/1080i59.94, 1080p30/1080p25, 720p60/720p50/720p30, 576i60/576p25, 480i60/480p29.97
Adaptive Streaming:
Flexible creation of groups containing user specified bitrates, HLS, HDS, MPEG-DASH outputs, Recording of Adaptive Streams
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Content Management and Processing

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