Zixi Server Appliance

Models 1750, 1800, 1900

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Deliver Content to Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime

Zixi Server Appliance is designed to run the three components of the Zixi product family: Zixi Feeder, Zixi Broadcaster Platform, and Zixi Receiver. Each 1RU rack mountable appliance, equipped with Linux OS and 4x Gigabit Ethernet, 1000BASE-T, RJ45 cards, supports up to 800Mpbs per interface. Combined with Zixi Broadcaster platform, Zixi Server Appliance delivers thousands of streams in a fully redundant and scalable manner. The Zixi server can be pre-configured to your specifications and drop shipped anywhere in the world.

Zixi Benefits

  • Dramatically reduces connection cost over long haul links
  • Provides operational flexibility as connections do not need to be provisioned by internal or external IT departments
  • Supports any IP connection
  • A single platform for contribution and distribution of live and file based material
  • Content secured by means of encrypted connection, password protection or Zixi device authentication
  • Easy to use and manage platform with an effective and intuitive feature set

Typical Applications

  • Live interactive and file based news gathering
  • Contribution and distribution of broadcast services
  • Enterprise Video infrastructure
  • Public infrastructures, video surveillance
  • Disaster Recovery, Media Content Sharing
  • Backup for managed network infrastructures
  • OTT over Zixi
  • Transfer of live services to cloud based processing and CDN services

The Zixi Feeder, Receiver and Broadcaster platform enables you to reliably transmit  video over the internet from remote locations to a central hub, and distribute video to any destination, at low latency, simultaneously, at different bit rates and protocols. With Zixi, Broadcasters and network operators can gather news and acquire and deliver content from almost anywhere at high quality for lower cost. The platform’s proprietary technologies dynamically balance forward error correction, retransmission and jitter management in order to maximize open internet capacity while ensuring reliable delivery of your valuable content. With internet bandwidth a fraction of the cost of managed networks, private lines and satellite links, the ability to transmit video on open internet across countries and continents, dramatically reduces interconnect cost.

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