Zixi Live Event Managed Service
Deliver live feeds anywhere  On any device  Reliably over IP


Zixi Managed Services: Zixi's Live Event Managed Service offers an end to end digital distribution platform that delivers live content from the venue to any end point or CDN over IP using Zixi's cloud management, processing, and distribution capabilities.  Leveraging Zixi’s growing EcoZystem of embedded devices, adding Zixi to a Live Linear or Live Event workflow is seamless and once configured, units are plug-n-play and are the entry point to the Zixi Managed services platform.  Delivering a live 24x7 linear channel or Live event from any venue in SD, HD, or UHD over IP  using Zixi Managed Services delivers the highest quality end user experience, at a low cost, with Zixi proven reliability.  Zixi has successfully delivered hundreds of live events without issue and are experts in live event digital delivery over IP.  

Zixi Live Event Features

  • End to end digital distribution platform
  • Initiate Zixi stream from any Zixi enabled encoder from anywhere
  • Initiate Zixi Stream using Zixi appliances from any non-Zixi enabled camera or encoder
  • Proven reliable secure delivery from the venue to Zixi Cloud Broadcaster
    • Management and Processing
    • Transcoding/Transmux
    • Recording
    • VOD
    • Digital Distribution
  • Deliver Zixi to Zixi enabled Receive points
  • Deliver RTMP, HLS, MPEG-DASH
  • Options for Closed Captioning and Slate insertion

Benefits of Zixi Live Linear Managed Service:

  • Zixi Live Event Managed services has delivered hundreds of events live without incident
  • IP video delivery experts design the workflow to suit the live production requirements
  • EcoZystem of Zixi enabled devices to initiate Zixi stream from camera or encoder delivered to Zixi enabled decoder
  • Live Event monitoring
  • Digital distribution in different bit rates and protocols with support for RTMP, HLS, MPEG-DASH……
  • Cloud management and distribution
    • Scalable platform
  • Fully Redundant architecture options for end to end fail over with no single point of failure


Zixi On-Air - Broadcast quality contribution from your phone

Professional broadcast quality contribution starts with Zixi On-Air, Zixi's mobile application that can run on iOS and Android devices.  Leveraging the encoder in the phone, Zixi On-Air can deliver the highest quality contribution possible from a phone using Zixi's bonding feature.  Able to bond 4G LTE connections as well as WiFi connections, Zixi On-Air allows high bit rate content delivery from a mobile device to a Zixi Broadcaster in the cloud.   This enables live event producers and news organizations to incorporate live feeds from any Zixi enabled mobile device. Consuming content leveraging Zixi is just as easy since Zixi can also be embedded into apps running on any mobile device providing a termination point for the Zixi stream which delivers a jitter and buffer free experience with no dropouts.

Shorten Production Workflows - add closed captioning and slates live, drop into your MAM system, Edit/clip live streams over IP

Zixi has teamed up with All Mobile Video to enable the addition of closed captioning and slates to a live Zixi stream. This service is available today and currently used in live production with the UFC. Zixi has also teamed up with Levels Beyond to deliver Zixi live feeds into the Reach Engine, Levels Beyond's media asset management system. By taking in the live Zixi stream, Levels is helping shorten the production life cycle recording, tagging, storing while automating different tasks for faster delivery of content to market.


Reliable and Proven

Zixi as a platform is in use today by some of the worlds top media companies for contribution, distribution, over the top delivery, backup, disaster recovery, Broadcast Monitoring, and ENG news and sports workflows. Zixi is proven in the field with over 100 organizations using Zixi today. Zixi is becoming the standard setting the bar for distance agnostic, high quality, reliable, error free content delivery. Broadcasters are leveraging the ZIxi protocol in production for point to point, point to multipoint, distribution, all while lowering costs putting the economics of live production back in their favor.