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Zixi OTT Platform

The Zixi OTT platform is a reliable high quality OTT delivery solution able to deliver broadcast quality video to any device in a variety of protocols and bit rates.  Zixi combines its industry leading ability to deliver content to any device over the public internet with a back end database that interfaces with the Zixi Broadcaster and Receiver to manage free, paid, and local content downloads.  Because Zixi is a software platform, Zixi Receiver can run on any device including set top boxes, apps running on android or iOS, and on the web.  This provides a high level of flexibility when deploying an OTT solution for content providers, broadcasters, digital media distributors, enterprise customers, and in venue systems operators.
  • Lower Cost Delivery
  • High Quality over IP
  • Delivered from anywhere to anywhere

Zixi OTT Database

The Zixi OTT database is controlling access to content, communicating with the Zixi Broadcaster to enable delivery of free or paid content based on customer account information.  The Zixi database is also communicating with the Receiver to show local promotional content if the account has not purchased the event. The Zixi OTT database is aggregating network data from the Zixi Broadcaster providing real time information on network conditions down to the individual set top box.  The Zixi Receiver is also pulling down the latest version of promo reel content as it gets updated on the Zixi cloud keeping what is being played locally current.

Zixi Broadcaster Scalability

Zixi Broadcaster is built to scale to support growing client counts with redundancy and clustering capabilities built in. Broadcaster can be installed in a clustered configuration providing redundancy at the cluster node point. This provides load balancing for incoming streams and provides scalability with increasing broadcaster nodes. Broadcaster can also be set up to provide multiple redundant traffic paths. This is transparent to Feeder and Receiver providing overall protection against single point of failure.

Build Zixi into any Device or App

The Zixi Receiver, because it is software only, can be built into any 3rd party Android or iOS device. This enables the Zixi protected stream to be delivered from Zixi Broadcaster to the device in any location. Using the Zixi SDK and API, Zixi can be built into an app, set top box, game console, and runs on any device. Zixi can also transcode to a variety of bit rates and protocols like HLS and RTMP providing OTT delivery options for non Zixi enabled devices.

Zixi OTT Components

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