Zixi Live Linear Managed Service
Deliver live linear channels reliably and securely over IP to a Zixi Broadcaster for the aggregation and management of channels at scale using Zixi's proven platform

Zixi Live Linear Managed Services Reliable, high-performance content delivery services leveraging Zixi’s growing EcoZystem of embedded devices simplifying the deployment of Zixi into a Live Linear or Live Event workflow. Zixi delivers a live linear channel, bouquet of channels, or live event from any venue in SD, HD, or UHD over IP using Zixi Managed Services for the highest quality end user experience, at a low cost, with Zixi proven rock solid reliability. 

Live Linear Managed Service
Fast, Secure, Reliable
Zixi Live Linear Managed Services allows media enterprises to replace satellite and fiber and simplify complex IP workflows with broadcast quality service levels.  The service utilizes Zixi’s intelligent video transport technology and leverages Zixi’s IP video workflow expertise to deliver intelligent solutions that are cost effective, secure, scalable and highly reliable for content acquisition, distribution, monitoring and management.  

The service supports contribution, management, monitoring, and distribution of live linear content - intelligent, highly available, secure live linear content aquisistion, aggregation, and management. 
Benefits of Zixi Live Linear Managed Service:
  • Zixi’s core technology enables broadcast quality video via any unmanaged network and the cloud
  • Reduce costs without affecting quality by eliminating the need for satellite and fiber
  • Scalable, secure and flexible content delivery platform
  • Fully redundant architecture for “5 9’s” performance
  • Shorten time to market using Zixi industry workflow architects expertise and support
  • Rapid implementation of services – spin up a channel instantly
  • Ability to leverage Zixi’s broad industry OEM ecosystem of Zixi powered cameras, encoders, decoders and IRDs