Solution Overview: Zixi and Telestream

Deliver Live Events over IP with Telestream Wirecast and Zixi

With Telestream and Zixi, broadcasters, digital media companies,  Houses of Worship, and content contributors now have the ability to do contribution using Wirecast to stream live from anywhere.  Leveraging the Zixi Transport, Telestream Wirecast users can securely deliver broadcast-quality video over any distance leveraging public Internet connections to a Zixi Broadcaster located inside their facility or in the cloud.  This enables wirecast users to then push their content to a variety of destinations in various bitrates and protocols to a CDN, YouTube, apps, or to mobile devices.

Zixi Transport Protocol

Zixi Feeder, built inside the Wirecast application, takes the encoded stream, encapsulates it in the Zixi transport stream Protocol for secure delivery over standard internet.  Wirecast users can send a Zixi Transport Stream directly from Wirecast to a Zixi Broadcaster sitting on premise or in the cloud.  Wirecast users can then transcode to various bit rates and protocols for delivery to mobile devices, YouTube, a CDN and more.  Zixi is a robust, distance agnostic protocol delivering high quality video from anywhere to anywhere leveraging the cost benefits and availability of the internet.

Telestream Wirecast with Zixi Broadcast IP Solution

Benefits Include:
• Broadcast-quality video delivered over any distance from Wirecast using Zixi
• Low cost, reliable video transmission over public Internet
• Wirecast has Zixi Feeder built in
• Originate a Zixi Transport Stream from Wirecast and deliver to Zixi Broadcaster in the cloud or on premise
• Low latency
• Deliver from Zixi Broadcaster to CDN, mobile apps, mobile devices, social media
• Proven Zixi technology in use by hundreds of media organizations
• Produce high quality live events from anywhere
• Near 100% bandwidth utilization for greater efficiency


Download the Zixi Wirecast Brochure