Solution Overview:
Zixi and VITEC


VITEC has built Zixi into their popular Professional Series of Portable H.264 Encoding and Decoding Appliances.  VITEC H.264 streaming encoders are industrial-grade, high-density, compact, rugged, and ultra-small, offering many video and audio input formats and broadcast-grade compression quality.  VITEC, when combined with the simplicity and reliability of the Zixi transport protocol, offers broadcasters, live event producers, and digital media companies a solution for electronic news gathering (ENG) workflows, live event productions, point-to-point links for primary contribution or backup, and a variety of distribution workflows.  VITEC has built Zixi into their PICO and NANO encoders and Premium decoders, including the MGW Nano and MGW Nano-Tough, MGW Pico, and MGW Premium encoders and decoders.  Zixi-enabled VITEC portable encoders and decoders can run Zixi-LinkTM, a reliable, distance-agnostic, secure, one-way link between VITEC encoders and decoders, managed from the VITEC user interface.

Zixi-Link Service for VITEC Portable Encoders/Decoders

To enable the Zixi-Link Service for your VITEC Portable encoders/decoders you can contact VITEC sales.  This will enable users to set up a Zixi-Link – a point-to-point connection leveraging the Zixi Transport for reliable, high-quality delivery of video over any distance, even in degraded network conditions, from a VITEC portable encoder to a VITEC portable decoder.

Zixi Benefits

Using intelligent error correction, real-time rate adaption, and end-to-end time synchronization, Zixi's transport protocol dramatically improves video quality and reliability.  Bandwidth utilization with Zixi also increases, enabling video encoding at higher bit rates to achieve flawless, broadcast-quality video. Benefits include:
• True broadcast quality (up to 1080p HD) over standard Internet connections
• Video-aware, highest quality, low latency transport
• Highly cost-effective compared to ENG satellite/microwave trucks or backpack video encoder solutions
• ROI measured in months
• Simple installation and configuration; streams through firewalls
• Stream over the public Internet or any private IP network
• Reduces or eliminates transmission errors, video artifacts, freezes
• Zixi is distance agnostic



Download the ZIxi Vitec Brochure