Solution Overview:
Zixi and Ateme

IP Broadcast Solutions

With ATEME and Zixi, broadcasters, digital media companies,  and content contributors now have a viable alternative to satellite and fiber.  Leveraging the Zixi Transport, ATEME Kyrion users can securely and reliably deliver broadcast-quality video over any distance leveraging public Internet connections.  Zixi-Link™ enables a proven, point-to-point connection between Zixi-enabled ATEME encoders and decoders.  This enables a variety of workflows including Electronic news gathering (ENG), satellite back up, primary contribution, transmission to cable TV headends, live event production, and more.


The point-to-point Zixi-Link solution is a one-way, secure, reliable, distance-agnostic connection between Zixi Edge Points™ (ZEP) – Zixi Feeder™ and Zixi Receiver™ – built inside ATEME encoders and decoders.  A Zixi-Link is simple to put in place and easy to configure.  This combined solution can be leveraged for use cases such as satellite back up, disaster recovery, primary contribution for live events, and more. Leveraging the Zixi Transport Stream Protocol, Zixi-Link is an economical alternative for securely sending high-quality video over public Internet or private IP networks.

Broadcast Distribution with ATEME and Zixi

A Zixi-enabled ATEME encoder and decoder combined with the Zixi Broadcaster can enable broadcast distribution to multiple sites simultaneously through the cloud, replacing expensive satellite and fiber links with proven Zixi transport stream technology.  A Zixi-enabled ATEME platform can augment or replace segments of a broadcaster’s transmission infrastructure while lowering cost.  Whether transmitting video between parent and affiliate networks, transferring to cable headends, or sending channels to local stations, a Zixi-enabled ATEME platform can enable distribution at scale with load balancing capabilities for management of network capacity.  Combined, ATEME and Zixi offer an efficient, proven, end-to-end content delivery platform that is easy to provision and simple to operate.

Ateme/Zixi Broadcast Solution

Benefits include:
  • Broadcast-quality video delivered over any distance
  • Low cost, reliable video transmission over public internet
  • Simple to integrate into existing workflows and infastructure
  • Single box solution (ATEME with Zixi inside)
  • Low latency
  • Proven Zixi technology in use by hundreds of media organizations
  • Network aware protocol manages Jitter and Packet Loss
  • Near 100% bandwidth utilization for greater efficiency 


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