OEMs who have joined the Zixi EcoZystem Partner Program

A growing list of industry leading companies have embedded Zixi into their encoders, decoders, IRDs, production switchers, ENG cameras, software encoders and decoders, and broadcast software tools to initiate a Zixi-Link™ or Zixi-Pipe™ connection. These integrated offerings make deployment of Zixi simple and fast to integrate into existing workflows. Zixi's industry leading network aware transport protocol for reliable, secure, high quality video transport over unmanaged internet connections has solved the complicated and difficult task of transmitting live video over IP. Broadcasters, Live Event Producers, and media companies can realize the benefit of internet economics and availability while delivering video at the quality and performance associated with satellite and fiber. Zixi is simplifying the complexity associated with the management of IP video across multiple devices, vendors, protocols, and formats, enabling multiple workflows, multiple contribution points and multiple distribution points. (Click partner logo below to learn more).
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