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Create new business opportunities through the Zixi Eco-Zystem Solution Partner Program. Embed Zixi Feeder and Receiver in to any Hardware or Software product. Deliver the Quality of Experience your customers demand.

By joining Zixi’s partner program, you become part of the Zixi Eco-Zystem, offering products that are Zixi enabled to drive new business models for your customers. Help realize the possibilities enabled by the Zixi platform that otherwise would not be economically feasible to produce. Improve the quality of experience delivering what media consumers demand on any device, anywhere. Zixi provides the tools and support to assist you in the development of Zixi on your platform. Become part of a growing partner system and deliver Quality with Zixi.
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Zixi Partner Highlight
Zixi Partner Highlight

JVC changes the game by embedding Zixi inside of their Prosumer and Broadcast Camera Products, enabling live streaming over 4GLTE and WiFi to help news affiliates be first to air while cutting cost

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