Zixi IP Contribution Solution


Zixi Transport Protocol

Zixi is a robust, distance agnostic protocol delivering high quality video from anywhere to anywhere leveraging the cost benefits and availability of the internet. Zixi Feeder running on a standalone device or integrated in an encoder takes the encoded stream, encapsulates it in the Zixi transport stream protocol for secure delivery over standard internet. Users can send a Zixi transport stream directly from the video source to a Zixi Broadcaster sitting on premise or in the cloud. 


Benefits of the Zixi Broadcast IP Solution

Benefits Include:
  • Broadcast-quality video delivery over any distance.
  • Low cost, reliable video transmission over public Internet.
  • Take advantage of extensive Zixi Ecosystem.
  • Originate a Zixi transport stream and deliver to Zixi Broadcaster in the cloud or on premise.
  • Deliver streams from any video source to anywhere with ultra-low latency.
  • Deliver from Zixi Broadcaster to CDN, mobile apps, mobile devices, social media.
  • Proven Zixi technology in use by hundreds of media organizations.
  • Produce high quality live events from anywhere.
  • Near 100% bandwidth utilization for greater efficiency.

Zixi Ingest Recommendations 

Origination site preparation:
  • ISP: For redundant ingest, we recommend you provide two independent ISP connections for your primary and backup links (can be used for single channels or multiple channels). Your uplink bandwidth from your ISP should be equal or greater than your total transport stream bit rate.
  • Encoder Options: Provide suitable professional contribution encoders for primary and backup links for each channel for maximum resiliency/redundancy. Consult available Zixi partners if using an integrated encoder.  Please refer to our contribution encoder Partner list.
  • High Bit Rate or MPTS Streams:  For higher bit rate streams or multiple streams, Zixi recommends using a standalone Zixi Feeder.  This allows multiple input SPTS or MPTS streams into the Feeder which can output multiple muxed streams or filter into SPTS streams using the Zixi protocol. 

Examples of redundant Ingest workflows:


Redundant Failover Cloud Ingest

Redundant Failover Cloud Ingest

 Redundant Failover Cloud Ingest

Redundant Failover Cloud Ingest

 Redundant Failover Cloud Ingest (using an integrated Zixi Encoder)

Redundant Failover Cloud Ingest (using an integrated Zixi Encoder)


Firewall Requirements:

For video ingest and handshake: 
  • Allow bidirectional traffic to ingest host name or IP e.g.
    Ingest.zixi.com on default port 2088 over UDP
    (Note: port may vary by request)

 For browser based management: 
  • Allow TCP access to Feeder on port 4200 for management
  • Allow TCP access to Feeder on port 22 for ssh support 

Minimum Feeder Appliance Requirements:
(Non-integrated encoders should output MPEG-TS over UDP to a Zixi Feeder)

Zixi Feeder Software can run on Linux (preferred and recommended on CentOS 7) or Windows OS (Windows 7/Vista or greater).
  • Minimum system specifications i3 Dual Core, 8GB Ram, 100GB HDD, Dual GigE NIC ports: This typically allows for a max of 400Mbps throughput.
    Please email support@zixi.com for other custom recommendations

Recommended Stream format:

Zixi transport does not distinguish between video profiles and resolutions. The Zixi protocol accepts all MPEG transport streams. Non-integrated encoders should output MPEG-TS to a Zixi Feeder

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