Reliable, Secure, Proven Live Streaming with Zixi

Zixi End to End Live Streaming

Live streaming has multiple challenges across different domains. Zixi addresses the core delivery aspects of live streaming.  Specifically source stream quality must be high with little tolerance to faults or interruptions, the delivery should handle network congestions and interruptions gracefully, it should support multiple devices, all with minimal time for processing and caching.

Zixi solves these challenges using three complementary approaches:
1.) A bottom up approach that improves the underlying network protocols
2.) A top-down approach that adapts the quality of the video and makes it fault tolerant
3.) A network-wide approach that optimizes the delivery path

These techniques work jointly to maximize the video quality under strict latency constraints.



1.  Highest quality for any given network
2.  Leverage the Largest Community of ecoZystem partners to initiate an error free Zixi stream from any device anywhere 
3.  Synchronized streaming across multiple devices

Learn how the UFC is using Zixi for end to end live delivery (click the logo)