Zixi Live Transcoding

Deliver to any device anywhere in different bitrates and protocols simulataneously
Live Transcoding

Delivering live events in various bit rates and protocols simultaneously in sync is a challenge for any live event production no matter how small or large the event.  Zixi's Feeder comes with an option to transcode at the source to deliver from the source in a different protocol for live delivery over IP.  Zixi Broadcaster, the management and processing hub of the Zixi platform, can take in a Zixi stream and transcode to RTMP, HLS, MPEG-Dash and more to make delivering to mobile, web, or any device simple.  Live event producers can transcode live signals and deliver with a consistent latency to the consume device.  This allows Zixi platform users to deliver multiple formats while also being able to deliver other streams using the Zixi protocol for end to end delivery.



1.  Repackage to variety of formats and protocols including Mpeg 2, H.264, HEVC encode and decode
2.  Synchronized GOPs for multi-bitrate delivery
3.  Hardware acceleration on supported platforms